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christie craig's pets

Christie Craig's pets

In my opinion, we just gotta' love our pets. Mostly because they love us so unconditionally. And you know we're not perfect. And, of course, they bring us joy and sometimes a lot of laughter. What would life be without them? On this page is where I'll post animal tips and tales.

If you have funny stories or images you'd like to share, I'd love to see them. Naturally, I can't use them all, but periodically I'll choose one entry to post. So bookmark this page and come back and read more about our gotta love 'em pets.

Below is one of my essays about a cat, who in my opinion is worthy to appear on my Gotta Love 'em page.

Christie and her oh-so-loved
canine muse, Jake.

Don't cha just hate hairballs?