When Things Got Hot In Texas

5150RY-wYyL._SY346_Things can get hot and sexy in Texas when you least expect it

If you love sexy cowboy romance books and you love Texas Romance, these Five BESTSELLING authors bring you both in When Things Got Hot in Texas.

Lori Wilde Sizzling
Fourth of July in the Fort Worth Stockyards heats up when a cynical cowboy cop falls for his sexy primary suspect…

Christie Craig The Junkyard Cowboy
Help can be found in the most surprising places

Katie Lane Falling for a Texas Hellion
Can This Hellion Resist Hot Summer Love?

Cynthia D’Alba Texas Daze
A quick fling can sure heat up a cowgirl’s life.

Laura Drake Cowboy Karma
Karma is a good judge of character, and you my friend, are screwed.

Cowboy Karma by Laura Drake

18275259_10211357649769621_2382143997289530995_nBull rider Stead James would never say he’s sorry. But that was before he took on Dirt Nap, the meanest bull in the finals. He wakes two days later with a skull fracture, and an epiphany – he knows he needs to change. While healing, he studies a book on Zen, dubs his final year as his ‘Apology Tour’, and attempts to make amends for his arrogant, bad boy lifestyle.

Things aren’t going as planned, even before he runs into Harper Taylor’s daddy’s fist. He apologizes for taking Harper’s virginity – only to pick himself off the dirt – again. Turns out, he didn’t know about that part; he was angry about Stead not carrying through on a promise to put on a bull riding to benefit the Local Apache Reservation.

Harper has the temper to go with her red hair, but to Stead, she looks like an angel. She has an apology of her own – for using him to relieve her of her virginity.

Amends are a long and bumpy road – but if Stead really has changed, there could be an angel waiting at the end.

Bull riders are arrogant and believe they’re bullet-proof. They have to be to get on a one-ton animal that wants to stomp their guts out. I wanted to explore what would happen if one suddenly learned better – and wanted to make amends.

How about you? Do you believe that men can change their ways? Share your thoughts with us!

When Things Got Hot In Texas comes out June 5, 2017, but you can preorder it now for only 99 cents at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

6 thoughts on “When Things Got Hot In Texas

  1. Not really. Deep down. Some are just born that way, I do believe, But an arrogant PERSON of any gender can modify their behavior enough to get along, and do right by the world — and their lover.

  2. Good to “see” you Laura! Yes, I do believe that some can change. There are other among us that nothing will change them. But, for most of us we go through life changing as we learn and grow. The key is, you have to want to change

  3. I like what Carole says – Stead realizes he has to change, that how he’s been living is wrong – but at first, he’s not even sure when he says something wrong. Harper puts him his place, and he doesn’t want to lose the best thing he’s ever found, so he has lots of motivation.

    thanks, everyone, for commenting!

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