When Things Get Hot in Texas

5150RY-wYyL._SY346_In just two week, my latest novella, Junkyard Cowboy, will be out as part of an anthology called When Things Get Hot in Texas. And let me tell you, it’s almost June and the temps are definitely climbing in SE Texas. So this is the perfect summer read. Not only that, but it also contains novellas by New York Times best-selling author, Lori Wilde, Katie Lane, Cynthia D’Alba and Laura Drake. All wonderful story tellers.

I promise lots of laughs with this one. Yup, Jennifer Peterson’s got it all figured out. She knows what type of guy she needs to guarantee a successful relationship. But where’s she gonna find a short, hairy mortician with “small feet”? But you know that saying, “Man plans, God laughs”? Well He plays one hell of a joke on Jennifer. Clay Connors is as far from where she’s looking as can be, but he might just be what she needs. But she’s not going to surrender without a fight—and learning a few lessons along the way like:

  • Hemorrhoid cream isn’t just for hemorrhoids. It can also finalize a breakup.
  • Once news hit the Internet, it’s always there—just a keystroke away. The good, the bad and the ugly.
  • What’s the worst thing a guy can say to a woman after kissing her? “It won’t happen again.”  Because they both know it’s a lie.
  • Nothing beats a man who’ll eat your cooking, even if it’s burnt.
  • Meaner than a junkyard dog is woman giving birth.

the junkyard cowboy high resYou can pre-order When Things Get Hot in Texas today for only 99 cents from Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. What a bargain!

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