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Welcome to my new blog:  Laugh, Love, Read.

I’ll be chatting about wine, things that make me laugh, books — both mine and other authors, and of course. . . romance.   And you know when I say romance, that means we’ll occasionally be discussing men and what makes them tick.

I’ll be posting every Tuesday, and at least once a month I’ll be hosting a contest.  So come back weekly and learn how you can win books, gift cards, and funny off the wall items.  I can’t promise to educate you with every blog, I don’t claim to be that smart, but I’m gonna give it my all-time effort to entertain you.  So stroll on in, get comfy.  Get out of your grumpy mood and let’s share some laughter.  I’ll occasionally post questions for you to answer and you’ll have more fun if you participate.  I’m planning to offer up things for you to ponder over, maybe a recipe here and there, and I’ll share some of my favorite sayings.  Hopefully, you might stumble across some inspiration, or at the very least just something to take your mind off whatever is trying to stress you out.  And for today’s post, I’d like to share parts of a blog I wrote for Fresh Fiction.

“When things go right, laugh; when thing go wrong, laugh harder”.  — My Grandmother

I come from a long line of southerners who believe humor is not only an expression of joy, but a damn good coping mechanism.  Laughter soothes your spirit when some stress gremlin tries to steal your joy out of life.   A prime example of this was at my aunt’s funeral.  She was an amazing, strong-willed lady who loved to . . .  love.  She’d been divorced three times and married four.

To the same man.

They really brought home the old adage:  Can’t live with ‘em, and can’t live without ‘em.

My uncle, also a strong-willed individual, had passed away a year earlier.

Heavy clouds clung to the morning of my aunt’s funeral.  We sat in that room with her casket, listening to my cousin talk about how much his mom would be missed.  When he stopped to catch his shaky breath, lightning struck.  Literally, lightning struck the funeral home.  The pews shook; the power went out.  Overtaken by silent blackness, the loudest thing in the room was our grief.

Clearing his throat in the darkness, my cousin said, “Wow.  Mom and Dad must be back together again.”

Laughter filled the unlit room like renewed light and we found an emotional reprieve in the humor.

I not only believe in the benefits of humor, but I offer it to my characters.  Both Tyler and Zoe in Blame it on Texas have some emotional hurdles to overcome.  As Tyler and Zoe accidentally laugh their way into love, my goal is that readers will laugh right along with them.  And as the reader turns the pages I hope they will find their own reprieve from the heart-melting humor in the Hotter in Texas series.  While a good book can’t actually right the wrongs in our lives, like the day at my aunt’s funeral, it can help us cope, help us deal with the stressful gremlins who try to steal our joy.  So here’s to laughing, loving, reading, and slaying gremlins.

And now for all my loyal fans who have read my latest release, here’s some Blame it on Texas Trivia and a chance to win one of three prizes: a $15 gift card to B&N, a $10 gift card to B&N, or a $15 gift card to Starbucks.  NOTE: Do not post the answers in the comment section.  Email them to me at: Christie(at)christie-craig(.)com.  The winner will be announced on next week’s blog.  If more than one person answers all the questions right, I’ll draw one name from the hat.  The winner must claim his/her gift within 48 hours.

Blame it on Texas Trivia:

1)      What’s the name of the dog who appears in the Hotter in Texas series?

2)      Where does the dog in the Hotter in Texas series like to take naps?

3)      What’s the name of my heroine’s cat in Blame it on Texas?

4)      What kind of sandwich does Zoe serve up to Tyler that leaves him making funny faces?

5)      What kind of board game do Tyler and Zoe play in the book and what makes their game so much fun?

And now for the question/thought of the week:  We all have different ways of coping with stress.  I spend time with one of my animals.  Read.  Or I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and go sit in the hot tub.   Or maybe I’ll pick up the phone and call someone who can make me laugh. Or better yet, have lunch with them.  What do you do to slay your gremlins?  What do you do to have a little fun?

14 thoughts on “Laugh, Love, Read

  1. Light a match and watch those mothers burn! *smiles* Not literally, lol. But I do like to head out to the back yard, pile up the pine cones and yard debris and set it on fire.

    As the flames flicker and the little sparks head up into the darkening night sky, I let those stressful moment from my life float away with them. Sometimes we grab the marshmallows and me and the kids toast them to melty delights or we call up a few friends and make a few drinks…kool aide icees for the kids and some OTHER drinks for the big kids. *smiles*

    • When stress and life get me down, I just pick up a book with a story I know will make me laugh out loud.. Nothing better than laughter to make all those tight feelings bottled up inside to just melt away with a good laugh… And music.. I love to put on the tunes and sing away my troubles..

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  2. Hi Christie, 🙂

    Congratulations on the new blog! It looks beautiful! 🙂

    What do I do for fun & to relax? I think reading tops the list. A long walk is great too, enjoy nature a bit (not too much, I do have allergies though). lol Congratulations again on the great new blog!

    🙂 Abigail

  3. I like to bury myself in a book and forget the world for a while or watch my psycho cat or opininated dog for a bit. Both are guaranteed to relieve any stress I may have because you can’t watch them without laughing. Maybe occasional yelling is needed as well.

  4. The main thing I do for fun is read LOTS of books, my other favorite thing to do is hang out with friends and have a cocktail or two 🙂

  5. I just got Blame in on Texas in today so will start it in a little while. Reading is what I do every evening to relax. As far as fun goes I get together with my sister’s a few times a year and we usually have a few drinks and it always a lot of fun. Love your new blog will start visiting it.

  6. One of my favorite ways of relaxing after a stressful day, is reading a really funny entertaining book. Add to that a glass of wine. You can always tell who are avid readers, it’s one of the things we all have in common. I’m always reading more than one book at a time, but always go to the books that are entertaining when I just need to get away.

    For several years I worked in the travel nursing field doing contracts at different places. On one of my assignments we had 17 travelers working in the OR at this one hospital. We decided to meet up and bar-b-que at the the pool one night. The subject came up on what item we couldn’t travel without. We all had a corkscrew that we packed and brought with us. Since I read all the time (before e-readers) I would buy books and would donate them to the library in the city I was leaving. Still to this day whenever I buy actual books I bring them to the library. It really makes you feel good knowing that someone else can get the same enjoyment out of the books. I just keep thinking of the people who aren’t able to purchase books have the chance to also, get away with a good book

    Just took up knitting last year, even though sometimes I may be working on something that takes a lot of concentration, it does relax me. I guess it’s because I have to focus on what I’m making and don’t have time to think about anything else.

  7. I like to read to get away from stress. Reading takes me into someone else’s life for awhile. Of course, having wine will do it, too. My kids are getting older (5th and 3rd grade) so we are able to do more adverturous things as a family. Great blog! 🙂

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