What to Expect From a Christie Craig Book

Looking back on all the books I’ve written, I realized there are a few common themes (besides divorce!).

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Ten Things I Try to Give my Stories and my Readers:

Image 20 - Laughter1. A fresh view of a lighter side of life

2. At least one good laugh-out-loud moment

3. A good tug on the heart strings

4. Characters you can root for

5. A mystery to solve

6. A message that a dog or cat can make our lives a little less lonely and make us better humans

7. Escape from the everyday stresses

Sexy man in bed8. A reminder of what it feels like to fall in love—yes I mean passion!

9. A book that’s hard to put down

10. A nod to the importance of family and friends





Can you think of anything else my books have in common?

cc dddD,DandDating (2)

DD Deceived (2)

3 thoughts on “What to Expect From a Christie Craig Book

  1. Finding the humor/good in a difficult situation.

    On a different note, I noticed that you will be in OKC, OK next month…any chance you will be in Tulsa in the near future. If not I am going to try and make it to OKC to meet you, I was just hoping for a Tulsa sighting!

  2. There is usually an eccentric character in your books. You also like to play with foods..like different sandwiches, tuna,catfood..

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