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It's Christie Craig here, telling you about my second release in the last few weeks. That's right, Shut Up And Kiss came out May 25th (and it's gotten some rave reviews) but I'm here to tell you about my new humorous non-fiction that just hit the bookshelves last week. I also have another contest happening and some news to share. I hope you all are having a great summer.

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Sure, romance novels are fun, pure fantasy,
but can they actually teach a woman anything about love?


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In fact, if a woman spent as much time plotting her romantic relationships as authors did in plotting their romance novels, there would be less heartache. And if real women took their cues from romance heroines, there might be more real-life Happily Ever Afters. Romance authors Christie Craig and Faye Hughes have turned their philosophy into a humorous self-help relationship book that lists 101 ways a woman can love like she's a romance heroine.

Now, granted, romance heroines aren't perfect. They make mistakes. But by the end of the book, they've earned their walk into the sunset. So, how do they do it? Courage, wisdom and some kick-ass gumption. Heroines don't wish they'd said something, they say it. They don't fret about their problems, they fix them. Couldn't we all use a little bit of their wisdom?

Summer Contest!

Have you had a romantic disaster? If so, enter our contest for Wild, Wicked & Wanton. Contest.

wild wicked and wanton

Click cover to
order your copy today.

Available May 25, 2010


wicked and wanton

Go a Little Wild, Wicked and Wanton

Meet Jayne. Like most romance heroines - and most real life women - she's had her share of heartaches. But her search for true love teaches her-and can teach all women - some valuable lessons:

  • How to Recognize a Keeper . . . and a Creeper
  • How to Tame a Bad Boy
  • How to Trust Your Instincts
  • How to Find Your Own Mr. Right
  • And Much, Much More!

Please Note: This is not a romance novel. This is a humorous relationship/self-help book about what women can learn about love from reading romance novels.


Don't Forget:

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Also, join me on Tuesdays at Killer Fiction, where I'll be blogging about everything from the latest crazy adventure of the Craig household to information on my upcoming books.

Finally, if you enjoyed reading Shut Up and Kiss Me, make sure you read the epilogue I posted at my website.

I hope to see you online soon!



Christie's News

Lots of great things have been happening for me lately, and I wanted to share:



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