Divorced, Desperate & Dead

You know, I’ve always been one who loves to bend the rules.  Call me rebellious if you want, I don’t care.  And I’ve kind of always wanted to write a story where my main characters die in chapter one.  And I’ve finally done it.  Yup, Divorced, Desperate & Dead is my rule breaker.  I had so much fun writing this book.  I swear there’s one scene in here that I laughed so hard that I almost couldn’t write.  So I can’t wait for all you Divorced & Delicious fans to read Cary and Chloe’s story.  It is scheduled to come out in November, but will up for pre-order soon.  Below is the blurb and cover, which I love by the way!!




After a disastrous marriage and divorce, Detective Cary Stevens vowed he’d never let another woman into his heart.  But when his latest investigation puts him in the way of a bullet, his bachelor days – and one-night stands – may be numbered.  On the brink of death, he finds himself in Room Six, a waiting room in the hereafter where in-betweeners’ fates are truly decided.   He resigns himself to dying of boredom if nothing else in the line-up of senior citizens with their AARP magazines, when in walks the one woman who could make him want a second chance at life…and love.

Chloe Sandler learns the hard way that no good deed goes unpunished when she pushes a little girl out of the way of a moving car and wakes up in some type of purgatory.  Or maybe it’s heaven, because she couldn’t have asked for a hotter guy with whom to await her final judgment.  The sweeping glances of his bedroom eyes and sharp-tongued flirtatiousness tell her Cary’s certainly no angel, but is he real?  When she finally wakes up, Chloe’s determined to find out if he’s truly a man of magnificent flesh and blood, or just a figment of her imagination.  But before she can track him down, will the murderer that first put them both in Room Six come back to finish the job?


2 thoughts on “Divorced, Desperate & Dead

  1. I absolutely LOVE that you’ve followed your deepest desires and written the ending the way you really, really wanted! I bet you felt like you were going to take wings and fly 🙂 The story sounds wonderful, Christie…I can’t wait to read it 🙂 And yes, sugar, the cover is delightful 🙂 I’m SUCH a sucker for pink…you had me with the background before I even looked around at all the other cute artwork 🙂 Lo

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