Divorced & Desperate!

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Divorced, Desperate & Dangerous was recently published in the anthology, Three Southern Beaches.



Detective Turner Calder belongs to the No Ball and Chain Gang. Meaning, no way, no how will he ever let another woman into his heart. He hasn’t even been tempted after what his ex put him through. Yet while working undercover on the trail of one of Texas’ largest drug dealers, Reece Morris gets closer to him than any woman has in two years. Not that’s there’s a snowball chance in Hades it will lead anywhere once she discovers the truth. But two months later, when Turner realizes his now imprisoned suspect has hired someone to knock off witnesses and Reece is one of them, he’s dead set on saving her. If that means taking on her seventy-year-old grandma who has a black belt in Karate, a hired assassin—who scares him less than Granny—and the whole bat-shit crazy town of Hung, Georgia, he’s up for the challenge. Turner is about to turn over a brand new leaf, and get hung up on love. 

I’m currently in the middle of writing Divorced, Desperate & Dead.  And I thought because I’m revisiting the past, returning to my Divorced & Desperate series and writing three new books, it might be fun to repost some fun facts and the videos.

Things You’ll Learn from Divorced, Desperate & Delicious

1)      Criticizing the guy’s overbite while he’s holding a gun to your temple isn’t always advantageous to getting out of the situation alive.

2)      Naming your dog Fabio will make some people assume you need a man in your life.

3)      When your mom changes husbands faster than she does purses, it can lead to one having relationship issues.

4)      Discovering your husband played pin the secretary to the elevator wall and got caught on video doing it, pretty much puts a damper on the marriage.

5)      Don’t believe everything a talking refrigerator tells you.  After all, what you think is tuna might be Fancy Feast.

6)      Letting the cop who has you handcuffed to your bed eat the tuna salad sandwich he made before you tell him it was cat food and not tuna is sweet revenge and kind of funny.

7)      Just because a woman dresses her three cats and dog up in Christmas costumes, puts up a Christmas tree and has Christmas music playing, doesn’t mean she’s bat-shit crazy.

8)      Cats are a pretty good judge of men.

9)      There are worse things than being handcuffed to a bed by a sexy cop.

10)   When all else fails, a toilet plunger is a damn good weapon.

11)   Expect the unexpected—What you may think is the worst day of your life can suddenly morph into the absolute best day of your life.

12)   If you hear voices, you may not be crazy; you could just have some really cool home appliances that talk back to you.

13)   Having friends and family who love you is a gift you should never take for granted . . . especially when they catch you semi-naked with a cop on the run.

14)   There’s always a downside to giving your mama the key to your house.

15)   Being divorced doesn’t mean you’re desperate . . . but it could lead to some very delicious fun.

16)   Sometimes you have to trust your heart, no matter how much your head may say differently.


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