Come peek into my office…


So many people ask me what my office looks like.  Well, come on in.  But I’ll tell you a secret, it’s the little things that sometimes seem to matter the most.  My crazy toys.  Like my crazy eight ball.  cc desk2


Yes, I ask it questions daily.

cc desk3

My desk accessories.  The books I’m reading.

cc COR

The books on my bookshelves.

CC books

The inspirational sayings.

cc plaque

I love my space…even when it’s messy.  It’s my mess.

1 thought on “Come peek into my office…

  1. I just read a story you wrote that Roy Exxum shared. It was about learning to listen. It really resonated with me. I have four children and my last daughter is getting ready to leave the nest. Taylor is nineteen and she tells me all the time that I don’t listen to her. I have vowed to start listening to her because of the story you wrote. Thank you so much for becoming a writer. I had never heard of you until I saw the story. Now that I have I will start reading your books. I am an avid reader and your books look like they are exactly the genre I like. Again thanks and keep writing. Kathy. . .

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