Thank You, RWA!

ThreebeachesThe RWA, Romance Writers of America, conference in San Antonio was fabulous.  I had a blast.  There is nothing like getting together with ol’ friends and new friends who share the same sickness.  I’m talking about the writing bug.  This passion for writing makes us more than just friends, it sort of bonds us like family.  I’ve belonged to RWA for…oh, goodness, this is gonna show my age…for twenty-seven years.  Just remember, I was only ten when I joined.  LOL.  It is here that I found my education, my family, my critique partners, my assistants.  It is here that I found my career.  And each year, I’m given a booster shot of all I’ve attained from RWA, walking away with great tips for marketing and writing.

Being around all this creativity is amazing.  I really think we feed off each other.  We talk, laugh, commiserate about our career’s hurdles.  We drink wine, share meals, and talk late into the night.  Did I say we laugh?  One friend—and I’m not listing names—actually told me, “We have to stop laughing or I’m gonna pee in my pants.”  Frankly, she wasn’t alone.

I enhanced my vocabulary, learning a new word, “Dingle Butt.” Look for it in an upcoming book.  I made new friends, re-bonded with old friends, and got recharged as a writer.  Oh, did anyone else see the billboard sign on I-10 that reads:  “There is not a cop hiding behind this billboard.  I promise.  Texas Highway Patrol.”

It is times like this that I realize how wonderful it is to have these people in my life.  And I have to tell you, the camaraderie is part of the sisterhood that RWA has encouraged.  So, thank you, RWA, and thank you to all my friends who laughed, hugged, and celebrated the sisterhood of being writers with me.  I’m already excited about going next year.





4 thoughts on “Thank You, RWA!

  1. It was great meeting up with you again. We did all of the above, hugged, laughed, brainstormed your WIP and had a great time. You are such a hoot, and initiate most of the laughter. I’ll be looking for you next year in New York City.

  2. Hey if you are having fun it really is not work right?! Loved Your story in Three Southern Beaches BTW Thank you


    • J’ai pas l&cetuo;q&earuts; !Enfin, j’aime pas les catalogues été alors que j’ai 15 kilos en trop et que dehors il fait moins 15°(en mode mauvaise humeur déprimante !)

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