RebornWINNER! WINNER!  The lucky winner of a copy of Reborn from last week’s blog is: Renee!  Email me at: christie (at) with your choice of e-book or print and delivery information.  Congratulations!

Well, the day we’ve been waiting for has finally arrived, and I’m so excited!  Reborn is out and available at all major retailers today!  It’s a bit like sending your baby off to school.  You are happy, thrilled and a little nervous for them, too! But, I love Reborn and telling Della’s story, and I really hope you do as well.  She truly is one of my favorite characters and has been so much fun to write.  Here’s a small sampling for you of just a few of the things that happen to her in this book:

In Reborn, Della . . .

  • Gets hit on by five guys.
  • Has to deal with the loss of someone she loves.
  • Gets to kick a little butt.
  • Has six people offer a pint of blood to spend the hour with her.
  • Gets caught lying to Burnett—for a good reason.
  • Has to take on and take down a kangaroo.
  • Has to use duct tape to wrap up a problem.
  • Is reminded the essential value of friendship.
  • Learns a secret about her father’s past that blows her away.
  • Has to deal with not one but two ghosts.
  • Realizing that Fate has a plan for her that she’s not too crazy about.
  • Becomes furious because she’s considered less than because she’s a girl.
  • Is forced to perform a medical procedure that she so isn’t ready to do.
  • Offers her own soul to save two people she cares about dearly.


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I hope you’ll pick up your very own copy if you haven’t already, and remember, the next book, Eternal, is slated for November 2014.

Happy Reading!


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