Get out of your Reading Zone!

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Get out of your comfort zone.  What comfort zone?  Well, your reading zone.  A while back, I judged the Romance Writers of America’s Rita awards.  I got to try eight different authors.  A few I had read before, and some I’d never read.  Some were in genres that I don’t read regularly, and amazingly I enjoyed several.  It just goes to show that as readers we need to occasionally step our toes out of our comfort zones and try something different.  

How many of you, my Christie Craig fans, read my C.C. Hunter books?  Amazingly, I think a lot of you have jumped over into that reading pond. But, some of you still say…”What?  You write a different series under another name?”  Yes, I write as C.C. Hunter, and my Hunter books are Young Adult.  But, amazingly, my publisher says about 70% of my C.C. readers are adults.  I believe it.  I jokingly say that if you want a woman to tell you her age, write a young adult, because about half of my emails coming in to C.C. Hunter start with…”I’m forty-two…I’m sixty-two, I left the teenage years behind twenty years ago… But I love your books!”  And I love that they love them.


But, if you are on the fence and haven’t yet tried them, here’s a deal for you.  First, go to Wattpad and read Saved at Sunrise:  This is a novella, and Wattpad is putting it up free.  I think they have it all up except the last chapters and they go up this Friday.  Read that novella, then check out the first chapter of Reborn, the first  book in the Shadow Falls spin off series, called Shadow Falls: After Dark: If you enjoy that, go ahead and pre-order the book (e-book or print) and follow instructions at this link: and my publisher will send you free, a print copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning, which includes the first two books in the Shadow Falls series. 

Still on the fence?  Okay, On May 12th, I’m giving away Weddings Can Be Murder free on all the e-book sites.  I even gave the book a facelift, a new cover, and in the back is a 45 page excerpt of Reborn

The free offer of Shadow Falls: The Beginning is also a great way to get someone interested in the series.  And hey…put it up and give it as a Christmas present, or a birthday gift.

So don’t miss out.  Pre-order Reborn and get your copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning.
Happy Reading!


P.S. Check out my book trailer videos (yes, that’s TWO!) for Reborn!  I love them!

4 thoughts on “Get out of your Reading Zone!

  1. I admit, I knew you wrote under C.C. Hunter and have checked out your books but haven’t had a chance to buy them yet….sorry. I will have time one day to do this. I’ve definitely gotten out of my comfort zone lately and found so many amazing authors and books through my publishing company.

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