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FB-Header-TexasHi, everyone!  Thanks so much for stopping by.  This is a very special week as I join 21 other authors in a week-long Texas Romance Celebration on Facebook where we’re having tons of fun enjoying all things romance and all things Texas.  You see, March 2nd is an important date down here in the Lone Star State.  Sure, it kicks off the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (hey, that’s big stuff down here!) but it is also Texas Independence Day, because back in 1836 Texas broke from Mexico to create the Republic of Texas.  Betcha didn’t know you were gonna get a history lesson, did ya? 

Well, here in Texas we take a few things pretty seriously.  Our heritage, our rodeo, our food, and our cowboys.  And this week, all of us authors who write Texas-based romances got together to celebrate that with our readers with tons of giveaways of books, gift cards, and a grand prize of a loaded down Kindle.  You DO NOT want to miss the fun!  Here is the link to join up if you missed it:

Now, for my guest today, I’ve invited back an author you’ve seen a few times.  She’s taking part in the Texas Romance Celebration, and she’s also my friend, assistant, and she writes sexy, sassy books that I know many of you enjoy, so I keep bringing her back when she has a new release.  She just put out her latest, a Cupid Chronicles novella called Charlie’s Angel, which is, of course, based in Texas.  Please welcome, Shauna Allen!


Thanks, Christie!  And hello again, all!  Thank you for having me back on Laugh, Love, Read! 

Well, as CC said, I did just release my latest book, Charlie’s Angel.  If you’re familiar with my stories at all, I write sexy, light Paranormal romances that are a twist on the angel/cupid theme.  My matchmaking angel, Michael has been given some humdinger matches over the course of my books, and Charlie’s Angel is no exception.  Now by humdingers, I mean a surly tattoo artist and a mousy accountant; a wounded, mysterious man and the girl-next-door, running from her past; a fallen angel and a woman who embodies everything he thinks he fell from grace for.  I’m currently working on Book IV of the series, which will hopefully be out this summer, and I’m particularly excited about this one because I’m resurrecting a beloved character from one of my other books and giving him his own story.  Everything has been building and culminating toward this moment.

Now, as Christie also said, I’m taking part in the Texas Romance Celebration this week because most of my books do take place in Texas.  (Not all of them.  I moved a bit into Arizona because I have a character from the Navajo Nation.)  But, overall, I have kept to the old adage, ‘write what you know.’ And, being a Texas girl, I know Texas.  Being raised in the Austin area, that’s where my series started.  And, having a love for bad boys, I used the micro-setting of a tattoo studio.  When my characters needed to travel, we moved to my favorite place in the world—the Texas Hill Country. 

hill countryI’ve even gone so far as to write an entire novel (not a part of the Cupid Chronicles) called Elvis is a Keeper, which some of you may have read, that takes place 100% in the Hill Country as my heroine works the lakes as a fishing guide.  Still not convinced how much I love it?

Here’s a small excerpt from Elvis:

The cool air snapped at their faces, making his eyes dry behind his sunglasses. He looked—really looked—as the lake passed by in flashes of perfection, making him acutely aware of how beautiful it all was.

They skimmed over water that was so blue it appeared nearly black in some places and a mossy green in others. Lake houses sat snuggled in their perfect coves like elegant dreams, their trees just starting to lose their green with the burden of fall. Huge limestone cliffsides sagged like craggy old men’s faces, whiskered with drying greenery.

Now, with her—perhaps because of her—he saw the appeal of this place. The perfect wonder.

All too soon, she slowed the motor, then shut it off completely and dropped anchor in a half-moon-shaped cove surrounded by trees and brush. The blip of a fish slapping the surface and the rustle of the breeze through the brush were the only sounds at that moment.

She sat still, not moving or talking, understanding the occasional need to just listen.

So, tell me, do you love Texas?  Some other place?  Where do you find peace? 


CharliesAngel_CoverCharlie’s back!

Miserable and unsettled in his predictable, suit-and-tie existence, Charles Benson, Jr. is finally waking up and realizing a few things.

He hates his life.

But instead of a change, he finds himself thrust deeper into the same ol’, same ol’, only worse.

Or is it?

 Kami Monroe.

Tattooed. Pierced. Outspoken. Fiercely sexy.

Jaded after being burned by an unreliable dreamer, she rolls her eyes at Charles’s uptight monkey suits and Polo shirts, even as she secretly craves the stability he represents . . . not to mention the unexplainable and explosive chemistry sizzling between them.

There’s only one thing stopping them. Each other.

Second chances . . .

Add to the mix an angel getting one last shot at Love Detail before moving up the ranks, and you could have a match made in Heaven . . . if they’d just get the hell out of the way.

Available now from Amazon:




Thanks so much for being here, Shauna!  Love the Hill Country and your lovely descriptions of it!  Share with us your thoughts and five lucky commenters will win a copy of Shauna’s newest release, Charlie’s Angel!  Be sure and check back next week to see if you’ve won!


89480010Shauna grew up an only child with two open and loving parents in Central Texas.  She’s married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother to three awesome teenagers.  She is the award-winning author of the Cupid Chronicles series, including the newly released Charlie’s Angel.  Shauna is also a freelance editor and personal assistant to two NYT Bestselling authors.  She loves all things sexy, sassy, and Gerard Butler.

Shauna would love for you to visit her at her website and blog at:

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27 thoughts on “Charlie’s Angel

  1. Shauna sounds like a wonderful book to have on my tbr shelf.. I am hanging out at the Texas Romance page this week.. It is loads of fun and I meeting some wonderful new to me authors to have on my tbr list… Thanks for all the great authors you introduce to me Christie.

      • Muito bom ela municiar o Serra com estas deceµraçÃals imbecis, vamos torcer para continuar errando a todos os momentos, com 62 anos não tem pau que endireite, Serra vai lavar nossa a alma nos debates

  2. Oh Wow! I guess I didnt realize the kind of stories Shauna wrote. I love paranormal romances. They are so different and give the story a rather whimsical bent. I am so glad I read this article as I now have another Author to try out! Thanks Christie for having Shauna on as your guest and Thank you Shauna for sharing… I’ll be reading!!!

    • Thanks so much, Anneliese! Glad you dropped by and “found” me, too! I sure love my angels and I hope you enjoy them too! 🙂


  3. I thank you as well Christie for introducing us to another wonderful author! I love anything about angels Shauna and am so excited to learn that that is what you write about… I can’t wait to get one of your books and start reading!

    • Aw, thank you, Mary! I love angels, too, though I have to confess I didn’t sit down to write about them at first. They found me, and I’m so glad they did! 😉
      Good luck and I hope you enjoy, do let me know!


      • Oh, I am so glad they found you then! 🙂
        So is there a particular order I should read your books? Any suggestions on where I should begin?

        • Sorry, Mary, just saw your follow-up comment! That is a great question! My books are in a series, and can be enjoyed in order, but they are able to be read as stand alones as well. If you prefer to read them in the order I wrote them (as many of my readers do because they enjoy the glimpses of other characters’ lives I continue to write in!) the order is:
          Inked by an Angel
          The Halo Effect
          Wounded Wings
          Charlie’s Angel is a novella that could be read anytime in there, but you’d probably enjoy it most after Inked since Charles is a secondary character from that book. 🙂
          I’m currently working on Book IV, Cupid’s Last Stand, which I hope to have out this summer, and that hero comes from book II. It’s all one big, happy angel family, LOL! Happy Reading! 🙂

          • Thanks Shauna will definitely be starting the series! I love books that can be read on their own but also tie in with others…it makes the characters come alive more when you read about them in other stories!! 🙂

  4. This sounds like my kind of book! Tattoo’s and angels! Woohoo!
    Texas Hill Country sounds a bit like where I grew up and where I love! I grew up in NY, born and raised, met my husband there, got married there, and became a country loving girl! We now reside in Alaska (husbands Air Force) and we miss NY! We love the country side. We love taking the boat down the river in his grandparents backyard, and going four wheeling in the pasture next to his parents house, or out in the woods they own behind their house! Also, the Adirondack’s is a beautiful place to be, and we would take trips out there and to hike all the time! Can’t wait to go back!

  5. Shauna you are a new to me author (i’ve met so many this past week!) and I look forward to reading your books!

    • Thank you, Rhonda! I love meeting *new* readers and I really, really hope you enjoy the books! Isn’t this kind of stuff fun?! 😉


  6. I’ve lived in a suburb of Austin for almost 10 years, and I love it here. Well, except for the heat – it’s too dang hot in the summers! I’m so happy to find you, Shauna – you are a new-to-me author, and I can’t wait to read your books. 🙂

    • Hi, Karen! So nice to meet another Austin gal. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the books…stay in touch! 🙂


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