Nothing Sweeter than Release Day

texasholdem_cover (2)WINNER! WINNER! The lucky winner of the $25 Gift Card from last week’s blog is: Pamela Reveal!  Email me at: christie (at) to claim your prize!  Congratulations!

Howdy, Folks!  Most of you know that today is the day.  Texas Hold ‘Em, the last book in the Hotter in Texas series, has finally . . . left the building, is up for grabs, and is in the lime light. Well, however you want to say it, it is now available.  But today isn’t just my release day, there are tons of great books being released on this fabulous Tuesday.  And one book just happens to be from a friend of mine.  Laura Drake’s, Nothing Sweeter, from her Sweet on a Cowboy series, is also making its grand appearance.  On top of that, we’re doing a blog tour together.

Sweet-on-Texas-Blog-Tour Oh, Grand Central is doing giveaways of a copy of each of our books as well as some other swag at all of those wonderful blogs!  So I invited her over to my blog for a visit today.  Below is info on each blog, the dates, and if the blogs are posting original material from Laura and I, below you’ll see a sneak peek.  So pop over to the blogs for a chance to win a copy of our books and to learn some secrets about Laura and I.  Yeah, we have a few secrets.  Doesn’t everyone?  

Plus, today right here on Laugh, Love, Read, Grand Central is giving away two wonderful prizes: Two book packs which will include the entire Hotter in Texas series, the first two books in Laura Drake’s Sweet on a Cowboy series, and ARCs for A MATCH MADE IN TEXAS by Katie Lane and FLIRTING WITH FOREVER by Molly Cannon.  But there’s more! Laura and I are doing our own prize of a fabulous western style purse filled with our newest books and goodies as well!  To enter all you have to do is leave a post.  And since we’re giving away a purse, tell us three things in your purse right now that might surprise us.  (I can just imagine all of you digging in your purses, LOL.) 

January 27th Seduced by a Book – Top 5 Things That Transform a Hero from Good to Great.  This is an interesting one!

1.    Christie:  Cares about animals, kids, and the elderly–You will see this in most all my heroes. Even Austin, who is an Ailurophobe—a person with an irrational fear of cats—can’t mistreat the heroine’s feline babies.   

2.    Laura:  He’s willing to face what he fears for a woman – My hero, Max, is an old-fashioned, hard man. But he changes (big time!) for the woman he loves (eventually.)

To read what other things bump a hero up from good to great for Laura and I, and to be entered to win their contest, pop over to

January 27th Fallen Angel Reviews – Spotlight/Excerpt

To read excerpts and to be entered to win pop over to

January 28th Harlequin Junkie – Top five favorite scenes (This was fun! And I’ll bet you think I’m gonna put the sex scene on my blog.  Nope, this one was much more fun!  I mean, what would you read, a sex scene or scene where the heroine throws tomatoes at a guy.  Don’t answer that.)

Christie:  When Leah pummels Austin with tomatoes after being kidnapped by him and learning more of his deceit.

“I can’t believe you bugged my apartment,” Leah spit out.

He put the avocados and half dozen tomatoes in a basket centering the table.

He took a deep breath. “At the time, you’d hardly speak to me, and it felt like the only way to get information.”

“You violated my privacy.”

“I know. I regret it. But at the time, it didn’t feel wrong. I’m sorry. If you want to hate me for it—hate me. But remember I’m doing everything I can to help you and your brother.” He went to grab another bag of groceries.

“I don’t hate you!” she snapped.

He turned around. She stood up. “But I’m so angry I could…”

She grabbed a tomato from the basket and threw it. She got him in the thigh. The ripe fruit burst and tomato guts rolled down his leg.

He looked up at her. Another tomato came hurling at him. He took that one to the head. He wiped the juice from his ear. “This is childish, but if it makes you feel better, go ahead.” He pointed a finger at her. “But you won’t have tomatoes in your salad tonight.”

Laura: How they come to name their business venture:

There’s only one more thing to agree on.” She tossed her napkin on the table and stood. “What are we going to call this venture? It should be catchy. Something that relates to what we do, but something that people will remember.”

Max spoke up. “High Heather Bucking Bulls.”

She walked to the easel and turned to a white page. “I thought more along the lines of using our initials.” She wrote, W-A-M. “Wyatt, Aubrey, and Max.” She drew a flourish beneath it. “As in Wham! Get it?”

“What’s wrong with High Heather?” Max grumbled.

“High Heather’s not part of the deal, remember?”

“Well, yours is just dumb. It sounds like a name a girl would think up.”

“You’re just mad because your name comes last. We could change it to M-A-W, but that is really stupid. If you’d get your ego out of it—”

“Oh, now, that’s total bull.” Max glared across the table at her.

“No, it’s fact.” Chin stuck out, she glared back.

Wyatt jumped in. “That’s brilliant!” They both blinked at him. “Total Bull. That’s the name.” He tipped his chin to Bree. “It’s catchy.” Then at Max. “It’s manly.”

“I like it.” Bree beamed.

“I can live with it,” Max grumbled.

Wyatt dusted his palms together. “Now, wasn’t that easy?”

Bree tossed a dish towel over her shoulder and stood. “I’m glad that’s settled. I’ll get dessert to celebrate.”

“Oh good,” Max said. “What are we having?” He took a sip of coffee.

She smiled sweetly. “Orgasm pie.”

Max choked. He slapped a hand over his mouth and scooted his chair back.

Bree tossed him the dish towel. “You’d better not ruin Tia’s company tablecloth. She’ll wear your guts for garters, cowboy.” She turned on her heel and sashayed out the door.

Max caught his breath and laughed. “I don’t know if this venture is going to make money, but it sure won’t be boring.”

To read snippets from our other favorite scenes and to be entered to win pop over to  (You never know, one of us might put a sexy scene in there.  LOL.)

January 28th Riverina Romantics – Review/Excerpt/Spotlight 

Pop over to to read a review, excerpt of both Laura’s and my book, and enter to win.

January 29th join us at SOS Aloha for an Excerpt and giveaway:

January 29th we’ll also be at Romancing Rakes for a spotlight, excerpt and giveaway.

January 30th join us at Mangia Maniac Café for an intense interview.  Those gals asked some very telling questions.  I’ll admit, I was tempted to lie.  See one of the questions they asked us below and our answers:

 [Manga Maniac Cafe] Name three things on your desk right now.

Christie: Wow, I don’t know if I should be honest or lie.  Honesty is the best policy, right?

 1.    A bottle of Poo Pourri—Not because I need it, mind you!  LOL.  I’m giving one away on a blog.  But have you seen the video?

2.    A dilapidated pink plastic loofah that my dog thought was a toy and shredded. (Bad doggy!)

3. A pair of fetish designer cuffs. (I can explain this, I promise!  I needed to chain my past editor, Chris Keeslar, to his chair.  Wait, that doesn’t sound good.  You see, they were a photo prop I used to make a video of Chris.  Wait, that doesn’t sound good either.  (It wasn’t that kind of video.)  Anyway, I recently moved and found them, and I haven’t decided what to do with them.  I’ll bet someone could give me a few ideas. LOL!


1.     Coffee, first and always!

2.     Dinosaur poop (really!) to remind me that in the big scheme of things, whatever I’m worrying about right now doesn’t matter. Oh yes, and to write good books! 😉


3. PBR pin (bull riding) – I’m a member of the fan club, for cripes sakes!

January 31st
we’ll be at Ramblings from This Chick ( – for a Spotlight/Excerpt/and another drilling Q&A. These were hard to answer.  Especially the Twitter style question.  Don’t they know I’m southern, meaning I’m long-winded?  Enjoy one of the questions and answers they asked Laura and I:

Ramblings from this Chick: A la Twitter style, please describe your book in 140 characters or less.  (I worked on this all day!)

Christie:  A journey of humor with heart that includes duct tape and water guns.

 Laura: Oh Christie, yours cracks me up! Here’s mine:

A city girl with a secret past, a conflicted old-fashioned cowboy fall in love, and with his gay brother, start a business – ‘Total Bull’. But how can that work?

February 1st We’ll be at The Fiction Enthusiast, where they forced us to tell our Top 5 reasons to date a cowboy.  (And yes, it was forced.  I mean, how many of us want to just sit around and ponder about good looking cowboys all day?)  Enjoy one of each of Laura’s and my reasons below.

Top 5 Reasons to Date a Cowboy

Christie:  They’re handy with their hands.  Let’s face it, a cowboy has to take care of things around the house.   Be it the fence, the kitchen sink, or a good foot rub.

Laura: Manners – he’ll open doors, treat you like a queen and as an added bonus, your mom will like him! Okay, I have to tell the truth – it’s Wranglers in chaps, too!

Now, I’d like to list for you the Fifteen Things You’ll Learn from Texas Hold ‘Em


1.    Nothing is sexier than a man who knows his way around a kitchen as well as he does the bedroom. 

2.    The removal of testicles is an art that some women have mastered and mastered well. (Feline testicles of course.)

3.    Checking a guy’s head for lumps shouldn’t be sexy, but it can be.

4.    Drinking red wine, no matter how innocently, with a hot neighbor can get you into trouble.

5.    It is possible to shoot a guy and sleep with him on the same day.

6.    Who knew a water gun could be part of foreplay?

7.    Sometimes to get over your fear, all you need is for it to plop down into your lap, purr, and refuse to leave.

8.    It really sucks that just when you think you like a guy, he tapes you up, tosses you over his shoulder and kidnaps you.

9.    Once a clown, always a clown.  (Yup, Austin’s up to his old tricks again.)

10.Sometimes, to accept the future you have to let go of the past.

11.Pummeling a guy with ripe tomatoes can do a girl good.

12. You gotta love a guy who will face his biggest fear just to become your hero.

13.Men could really learn something by reading romance.

14.A good bottle of Cabernet . . . $18.99.  Sharing it with someone you can laugh with . . . priceless.

15.Falling in love can be scary as heck, but it should always be fun.


Laura: 15 things you’ll learn from Nothing Sweeter:

1.    Nothing is sweeter than freedom

2.    It is impossible to outrun your own conscience

3.    When you’re going through hell, keep going — Winston Churchill

4.    There are more kinds of family than blood kin

5.    A stuck up socialite can make a pretty good friend when the chips are on the table

6.    Real men (and bulls) wear pink

7.    To forgive is to set a prisoner free, and discover that the prisoner is you — Louis B. Smede

8.    Glade plug-ins –  the staple of any woman’s arsenal

9.    A tough cowboy can and will ride a cow. But if anyone tells about it, they’ll be riding fence for a month.

10.Don’t wear buckle-bunny bling to an interview.

11.Ugly little bulls can have big hearts – and lots of whip!

12.Big, tough, old-fashioned ranchers can change…eventually.

13.Whistle-blowing beats prison, hands down.

14.The guilty don’t get to whine.

15. It’s not possible to outrun your on conscience.


Okay, guys, I hope you’ve had fun learning a little bit more about Laura and I and our books.  Make sure you remember to leave a comment telling us three things in your purse to be entered to win either one of the Grand Central prize packs or the purse.  Good luck!


18 thoughts on “Nothing Sweeter than Release Day

  1. Whoa, you ladies are TOO funny! So here we go, three things in my purse:
    An unfortunately well-used American Express card, a twenty-year old hair pick in lieu of a comb (yeah and my coiffure shows it), and a packet of tissues for my allergy-plagued sinuses.

  2. Great post! Here we go a checkbook, coupons that your forget to use and over have our expired and of course a knife. You must always carry a knife you never know when your going to need one.

  3. Oh great piat. Funny.. I have yes my debit card; the old fashoned checkbook and yes my battery charger for everything lots of other good stuff…keys, handwash; etc.. would love to win the purse..

  4. LOL! You two are hysterical! I love reading your stuff! Hmm, something unexpected in my purse. Well, no condoms, those are in my overnight bag just in case we use all the ones in my husband’s overnight bag. 😉 LOL! But I’ve got two protein bars “just in case” I’m out and hungry. Can’t ruin my running schedule with fast food. A constantly growing number of pens. (Maybe I should put the condoms in my purse so my pens won’t reproduce!) And – huh, look at that, my husband’s contact lens prescription. That’s a surprise even to me! LOL!

  5. Hi guys, three things in my purse are lotion a must lol, headphones, and gum. Dont know how surprising they are . 🙂

  6. I have so much fun reading your blogs every week and would love to have the chance to meet you in person one day. Now as far as my purse go I have an inhaler has I have asthma, A Blake Shelton cd so I can listen to some of my favorite country in the car, and a rubber loom bracelet my daughter made me. I really hope to win that purse as I love every thing country and would carry it with pride!

  7. My wallet, lipstick and gloss, and a pen.. I carry a small purse as I am not allowed to carry anything heavy.. So thank god I can carry my phone… it has all the important things on it.

  8. 3 surprising things in my purse – a paper with a lawyer’s number on it (don’t ask), a note pad, partly shredded, with names of books I saw in Target & wanted to buy, but have to get at the library. 🙁 And 2 checkbooks, hardly ever used, since I use debit cards.

  9. Happy Release Day, ladies! Three items in my purse are gum, mini pack of band aids (I’m clumsy) and a small pack of tissues (blasted mountain cedar!).

  10. (1) Miniature Swiss Army knife (which has helped resolve all kinds of spinach-in-the-teeth, CD-wrap-ripping , eyeglass-screw-replacing, and bottle-opening dilemmas.
    (2) Book light. For those of you still reading paper books (like me) and carrying one wherever you go (like me), how else do you read in a darkened environment?
    (3) A pair of condoms (for which I literally have no use … yes, my love life is non-existent). One I received while dining with a friend at a restaurant that (unbeknownst to me) was hosting drag queen bingo that evening. The other was given me by a co-worker who very nonchalantly tossed it on my desk one day. Hmm, that probably bears an explanation. We both work for our state’s legislature. One of the legislators backed a bill relating to protecting the health of adult entertainment workers via the use of prophylactics, so his office handed out condoms during the final weeks of the legislative session last year.

    So — the contents of my handbag would leave any purse-snatcher thinking that I live a WAY more exciting life than I do.

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