Roman Holiday . . . Ruthie Knox Style!

The Cop Who Stole ChristmasWINNERS! WINNERS! The winners from last week’s blog with Linda Bennett Pennell are: Jessica Jefferson and Sarah Hegger!  Email me at: christie (at) to claim your Amazon e-book.  Congrats!

I am super-de-duper excited today, folks!  First, because I’m less than one week away from the release of my holiday novella, The Cop Who Stole Christmas, which is coming out next Monday, NOVEMBER 25th!  I’ve been looking forward to this one for a while, and I love, love, love these characters.  I hope you do, too!  So, be sure and keep an eye out for that this Monday, and more on that in next week’s blog, and here is the book trailer for your viewing pleasure . . .

 And, the second reason I’m so excited is because of my special guest today.  I’ve been lucky enough to snag my friend, the ultra talented, Ruthie Knox, as our guest!  She’s been a phenom in serializing her fun and sexy novels on Wattpad, and I just love her!  So, please, make her feel welcome, and be sure and leave a comment, because five lucky people will win a copy of her latest e-book, Roman Holiday!


Hi, Christie fans!

You know what I just spent a few hours doing? Reading Christie’s Gotcha! on Wattpad and thinking about heroines. Macy Tucker, the heroine of Gotcha!, is a lot of fun—wise-cracking, smart, driven, vulnerable. She’s divorced, putting herself through law school selling pizzas. She loves her hapless brother, her kooky grandma, and her weeping mom, and she knows what to do when life gives her lemons. (Answer: Knee it in the nuts.)

She’s different in so many ways from Ashley Bowman, the heroine of my serialized novel Roman Holiday. Oh, Ashley’s got a smart mouth, too, but she doesn’t know what she wants. Name a part-time job with no future, and she’s tried it, but she’s a little short on long-term goals. Also, long-term relationships, though she’d run out of fingers and toes if she tried to list all the men she’s found herself tangled up with in the short term. Also? The person she loves most in the world just died, and she’s impulsively decided to chain herself to a palm tree to stop the vacation rental apartments where she grew up from getting knocked down to make room for more development.

Oh, Ashley. Not so hot at making good decisions, are you?

But just like Macy, Ashley has a big heart. She likes people, she’s empathetic, she makes friends easily. She’s loyal and helpful and lovable, and although she can be a brat — particularly if you’re Roman, the novel’s hero — what I love most about Ashley is that she’s trying. She’s determined. Even when she doesn’t have a clear direction or a goal, she can’t stop moving and attempting things, can’t stop connecting with people, can’t give up.

I think we’re used to believing women are most sympathetic, most interesting, most likable when they have their act together, but for me there’s a very real, very human sort of bravery in characters like Ashley or Macy — women who are a bit out of their depth, not quite sure it’s going to all work out, but who gamely keep going, keep trying stuff, even though it would be easier to retreat and hide out from life.

And the reason I enjoy characters like this so much, I think, is that I read heroines not to aspire to be them, but to see myself and the women around me mirrored in them. These are the women I want to read about, the women I want to see falling in love. You. Me. Her. All of us.

What about you guys–what do you enjoy in a heroine? What do you love about Christie’s? Who are some of your favorites?


roman holidayAh, excellent post, and excellent questions, Ruthie!  Thanks for being with us!  Now, here’s a little more about her fabulous book (the first part of a fantastic series) where you can find it and her wonderful book trailer:

Meet Ashley and Roman—complete opposites who can’t hide their attraction—in Episode 1 of Ruthie Knox’s eBook original serial, Roman Holiday.
Ashley Bowman is having a bad week. Reeling from the death of her beloved grandmother, she returns to the Florida Keys only to learn that a heartless Miami developer has gotten hold of the crappy vacation rentals she calls home. Ashley has one day to clear out before Roman Díaz destroys the only place in the world that matters to her. Chaining herself to a palm tree in the bulldozers’ path seems like a good way to stop him . . . until she realizes she should’ve brought food and water. And pants. Also, it would help if the evil developer weren’t so ridiculously hot.
The last thing Roman Díaz needs is some sun-kissed blond protester getting her picture in the newspaper and messing up his plans. He bought the property fair and square, and the resort he wants to build on the site is the key to realizing his highest ambitions. But when a hurricane blows through, Roman has to hustle Ashley to safety if he wants to protect his reputation—and that means giving in to her unreasonable demands.
Roman needs to learn a little compassion, and Ashley’s decided to teach it to him . . . even if she has to drag him all over the Eastern Seaboard to do it.
Available now at Amazon:

OK, you’re up, Ruthie’s asked you about heroines.  Give us your thoughts and we’ll pick five lucky winners to receive Roman Holiday.  Check back next week to see if you’ve won.  Good luck! 
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9 thoughts on “Roman Holiday . . . Ruthie Knox Style!

  1. HI Ruthie and readers,

    Guys, you have to check out Ruthie’s book. I love it. She’s sexy, sassy and just a fun writer. If you like my books, you’ll love Ruthie. And oh, thank you Ruthie, for stopping in today.


  2. Gotcha is one of my all time favorite books and heroine. I love Macy!!! Maddie from Gemma Halliday’s High Heel series is another good one 🙂 They are both sassy, fun, intelligent, sarcastic, loving and beautiful women. Ruthie, your books sound right up my alley, will definitely check your books out!

  3. I love reading about funny, intelligent, snarky, loving heroines. Right now I’m on a big Darynda Jones kick with her Charley Davidson series. Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper and Private Investigator, has all of the above characteristics in spades. Especially the snark.

  4. I can’t choose a favorite! I love anything Christie writes! Can’t wait for the cop that stole Christmas! Love how there all funny and sexy!!! I have never read ruthies books but it sounds great!

  5. I can’t choose a favorite from Christie characters I love them all! I can say though that I don’t like my heroines to be shrieking violets all the time… I mean sometimes but not all the time…But that’s me. I am always looking for more authors like Christie so I am so going to check out yours Ruthie~!

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