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Today, I’m mixing it up a little and discussing a recent purchase of one of my favorite things . . . Wine.  And since October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I think it’s only appropriate.

I’ll admit it, I bought it for the pink ribbon.  I’ve had my mom and two close friends go through breast cancer, and when I see that ribbon, it often encourages me to support the cause.  Cashmere California 2011, Cline, was an impulse buy.  But not one I regret. 

As printed on the label:  The word Cashmere instantly brings to mind visions of luxurious warmth, cozy comfort, and decadent elegance.  Cline’s Cashmere is a lusciously bodied blend with easy, earthy undertones, flavors of cherries, raspberries, chocolate and hints of plums leading to a smooth long finish.  Cline Cellars proudly supports Living Beyond Breast Cancer.  Visit www.clinecellars.com/lbbc to learn more about our commitment. 

I found the wine to be very smooth and enjoyable—a wine that is great to sip alone or with a meal.  At a bargain of $14.99, it was well worth the price, and knowing I helped the cause just a tiny bit, it was definitely a feel good wine and one that I would buy again.

Have any of you battled the Big C, or loved anyone who has?  I offer you my support.  And, today, I’ll be giving away another set of Shadow Falls wine glasses to one lucky commenter as well, so be sure you leave a comment.

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11 thoughts on “A Feel Good Wine

  1. I know a couple of gals who have had breast cancer, it was caught early and they did not have to have a mastectomy, the Lumpectomy.. I had a scare myself, but it turned out okay for me too… I always support this cause whenever I can. I have a mammogram every two years and check myself regularly… Today we can’t be too careful with cancer.

  2. I actually had someone that I went to high school with just pass away not a month or so go from cancer, her first diagnoses was with breast cancer and she went into remission with that and turned out spread all through her body.

    When we recently moved here I met my neighbors, and I met her mother which was visiting from up north, and I have only known her for a short time but she is still close to my heart she is fighting stage four lung cancer.

  3. March 2012 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I was healthy, always ate properly, exercised, took vitamins and never smoked, drank, took drugs etc. This was a shock but I immediately realized that I was fortunate since I had always done my screenings regularly and this showed up. I had a lumpectomy, radiation, chemo and am now on the road to recovery. I walk daily and am trying to build my strength once again to the pre-cancer diagnosis. I consider myself healthy once again, go to my follow-up appointiments and mammo’s and am lucky to feel well.

  4. My aunt was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma a few years ago. She has three kids(my cousins), so it was particularly hard for them, being as one of my cousins was to young to understand and one has autism. They often stayed at my grammas house on the day of and days following her treatments. My older cousin, her oldest daughter always stayed to help her out when she wasnt in school. She has been in remission but continues to get screened every 6 months to make sure it stays that way! And recently, that same older cousin, she is 21, her best friend, also 21, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 🙁 The only reason she found out, was because my cousin pushed her to go to the hospital because she had been saying things didnt feel right for a while. Cancer has no mercy, and it doesnt care who it affects. You can never be to careful! God bless all the women and men battling the Big C.

  5. Both my grandpa and grandma had cancer but survived and both lived to be in their 80’s. I am a elementary school teacher and we have had two young students develop and survive it also. A friend of mine was not so lucky. She found out she had a aggressive form of it which despite all of the doctors efforts, just couldn’t be stopped. She died within 4 months of being diagnosed. We take comfort in knowing she didn’t suffer long. Prayers sent out to everyone who is or knows someone fighting cancer, for all the loved ones lost and for those who have survived.

  6. A dear friend is undergoing surgery for a reoccurrence of her breast cancer as I write this. It is insidious, sparing no one, and must be stamped out.

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