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texasholdem_cover (2)Hi, Everybody!  I have a very special guest today, here to share about her favorite season and her debut book which is soaring up the Regency Historical Romance charts!  His Perfect Bride by Jenn Langston was released this year by Soul Mate Publishing to rave reviews and I’m lucky to have her.  Stick around and leave a comment and I’ll be giving away two copies of her book to some lucky commenters!  Take it away, Jenn!

Hi, Christie!  Thanks so much for having me!

Fall is my favorite season of the year. As the cold slowly arrives, it brings an aura of happiness and excitement. The leaves change to a lovely shade of orange or brown before gently flowing to the ground to create a natural playland for the children. Then the breeze comes and teases as it tickles your hair and brushes against your body.

Another pleasant gift from the fall is the wonderful scents. Cinnamon pinecones grace the shelves at many supermarkets and craft stores. Outside you can smell hints of wood burning in fireplaces. Then to top it all off, the light aroma of pumpkin or apple pies baking can be found.

In order to welcome in the glorious season of fall, I have some delightful recipes to share with you.

Caramel Apple Cups: I came up with this recipe to create a less messy version of a caramel apple but keeping the spirit of the caramel apple. It also gives more caramel so every bit has both apple and caramel.

 You will need:

4 Apples

11oz bag of Caramel Squares

½ c. Milk


Cut the apples in half and scoop out the center, leaving apple around the edges but making sure to leave enough room for the filling. Melt the caramel in a pot with the milk, then pour it in the apple halves and refrigerate for an hour. Tip: Placing your apple halves in a muffin tin keeps them upright and captures any leaking caramel. Take them out and take a bit or eat with a fork and knife. Enjoy!

Wassail: I received this recipe from a friend. I have not altered it in any way. After all, why change a good thing. This is also a wonderful drink to serve to guests. However, it’s so good, you might not want to share.

 You will need:

4 c. Apple Juice                              ½ t Ground Cinnamon

5 c. Pineapple Juice                       1 ½ Cinnamon Sticks

2 c. Cranberry Juice                      ¼ T Ground Cloves

5 c. Water                                       ½ T Whole Cloves

1 ½ T Allspice                                 1 ½ c. Brown Sugar

1 orange


Put the juices, water, brown sugar, juice from the orange, and half of the allspice in the bottom of a percolator and stir until the sugar melts. Put the remainder of spices and half an orange cut up in the filter part of the percolator. Brew then enjoy! Or for an adult version, you can splash a little rum in your mug of wassail.

These two recipes are a great ways to welcome in the season and lighten your mood. I hope you enjoy them as I do. Thank you for joining me today, and I wish you all a wonderful fall!


HisPerfectBride_850(1) Richard Carrack received the title of Marquis of Stonemede upon his father’s death six months ago. Knowing of the duties associated with the title, he decides to marry and spend the remainder of his days tending to the estate. His requirements for his bride are simple; he wishes her to be obedient and calm-spirited. When circumstances place him in the path of Lady Brianna Denton, whose wild ways make her an unsuitable candidate, he lies about his identity to discourage her from pursuing him for his title.

Brianna Denton knows what she wants out of life. She wishes to marry an untitled lord and live the remainder of her days in the country with no obligations. Only then can she spend her free time painting. When she meets Mr. Richard, she decides he would make the perfect husband. Little does she know, her boldness puts her in a position where she must decide between what she always thought she wanted and what her heart is telling her.

Available now from Amazon:  amzn.to/10BEXHk 


Sounds delicious, Jenn!  And your book sounds wonderful!  I love Fall, too.  So, tell us, what’s your favorite season?  Do you have any special recipes that go with it?  Two lucky commenters will win an Amazon e-book copy of Jenn’s book.  Good luck!


JennLangton1 Jenn Langston is a writer and a lover of historical romances. She developed her love of reading romance novels at a very young age. What began as the simple joy of reading developed into a passion to write. She lives in the beloved state of Texas where she was born and raised. With her husband, three beautiful children, and three cats, she has a full house. There is never a dull moment, but always time to read and write.
You can visit her at www.jennlangston.com

Her Next Release, His Perfect Game, is slated to be released in December 2013 from Soul Mate Publishing.


19 thoughts on “Welcome to Fall with Jenn Langston

  1. I love the fall the wheather is cooling down but it is not snowing yet!!! The food that I think of when I think of fall is comfort food. It is cool enough that you can cook it with out sweating and when you eat it you feel all warm inside. My fav is Mac and Cheese!! I do not mean the box kind I mean the kind that stick to your bones kind!!! I use three cheeses bacon onions garlic and hamburger meat or sausage or if I need it I will use both. I have put peppers in it and even BBQ sauce depending what it is going with it.

    • Julie, that Mac and Cheese sounds incredible! I confess, I take the easy way out and use the box, but I don’t particularly care for it. Next time I might try it your way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jean your book sounds like a wonderful read.
    As for my fav season, it would have to be summer, because then I can wear my sandals all the time. I live in Southern Ontario and the fall brings the cold and then god forbid winter.. Now I like Christmas of course, it is the only time my family gets together anymore. But I can’t were my sandals in the snow… Good luck with your book and Christie thanks for a great giveaway..

    • Kathleen, I’m so jealous! Being a native Texan, I’ve never seen real snow. The flakes we rarely see here don’t even stick to the ground for long, if at all. And I too like my sandals, but I can wear them all winter long 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love fall weather but I dread October… What can I say… I’m a scaredy. Not that I watch television much anymore at all but I refuse to watch in the month of October. Halloween just freaks me out. But come on Thanksgiving… bring on the food. Speaking of food, your recipes sound wonderful. Must try Wassail. BTW, I read (and loved) His Perfect Bride. Trying to wait patiently for His Perfect Game to come out.

    • Emmly, I don’t mind Halloween, but I agree wholeheartedly about Thanksgiving. I’m pleased to hear you enjoyed His Perfect Bride, I, too, am anxiously waiting for His Perfect Game in December. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jenn, your book looks like it’s going to be a reader!~ My favorite seasons are autumn and spring, its cooling off and I get to make my favorite soups, chili and vegetable soup for fall and spring because it isn’t as cold or really hot as summer!

  5. Jenn your books sound fabulous! I love the fall of the year cooler temps and its just a beautiful time of the year. Your recipes sound wonderful and I will have to try them. I love chili this time of the year and I had it last week. Love to slow cook it all day.

  6. Hi Jenn! I love Fall too (despite the fact September is rough because it’s my deceased friend’s birthday month). I love cooler temperatures (but not ice and snow). The recipes sound really good. Best wishes to you with your writing.

    Thank you, Christie, for hosting her. 🙂

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