Worth Fibbing about to the IRS?

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Okay, in Texas Hold ‘Em, which comes out January 28th, my hero and heroine, Austin and Leah, are both wine drinkers.   Oddly enough, they are both fond of red wine, and particularly a good Cabernet.  So while writing the book, I told my frugal, non-wine drinking hubby that the bottles of Cab I brought home during those few months of writing were simply research.  Of course his question was, “So that makes them tax deductible, right?”

Hmmm.  How convincing could I be with the IRS? 

I envisioned myself explaining, “Well, my hero accidentally makes my heroine drop her cheap bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, so he replaces it with an expensive bottle of Cab, and I needed to test several bottles to make sure I knew the difference between a cheap and an expensive bottle of Cab.  It’s all in the descriptions, and how can I describe something that I haven’t personally tested?”

Yeah, I didn’t think that would work, so I won’t be adding wine research expenses to my tax form.  Frankly, hubby didn’t buy it either, but that’s okay, I still got to enjoy some wine.  And one that was almost worth lying to the IRS about was Formation, Monterey County, Cabernet Sauvignon.


As it reads on the label:  The Geologic formations of the Monterey County region were formed many millions of years ago.  The ancient marine layers and alluvial soils are a result of the primordial sea and shallow coral beds over the oceanic volcanic crust.  Deliciously expressing their origin the wine of Formation exhibit deep aromas, balance and structure.   

I can’t and won’t tell you anything about the dirt or formations in that area. I don’t know about marine layers, or even that much about coral beds and volcanic crust.  But I will tell you that it has a bold taste and a bolder finish.  It comes with a flavor of ripe fruit, pepper and chocolate.  As my dad would say, it has a ‘morey’ taste.  You want more from the moment you taste it.  While a bit pricier than my everyday wine, at $17.99 this bottle will make a comeback at the Craig house even without it being a tax write-off.

So, any new wines you guys can recommend? Or how about crazy tax write-offs? I could always use a few of those.

Today, I’m offering a prize of a set of Shadow Falls wine glasses to one lucky commenter, so make sure you leave a comment!


8 thoughts on “Worth Fibbing about to the IRS?

  1. I am not a real big wine drinker but I have tried a wine that my father bought when I graduated that was the best I have ever tasted it was from a local winery from Nampa Id it is called Sawtooth. It was a very good wine, that coming from me is strange but I was able to drink a couple of glasses with my father. You should try it and they have a great tour and samples if you ever come to Idaho 😉

  2. I have not had any new wines lately.. oh wait I did but I didn’t ask my hostess what it was, but it was a beautiful dry white wine that had a hit of peach to it.. I can’t think of any thing that would make a good tax right off, unless you were maybe think of one of your characters opening up a restaurant and you needed to taste test some dishes from different eating establishments.. That could work, couldn’t it..

  3. Love the glasses! I am not a big wine drinker. I can’t seem to drink it because every time I do I get a bad headache. This sucks because I do love the taste of some wines.

  4. I was a bean-counter in my former life, to I advise conservatism (also, conserve the wine – the asset’s value will increase!)

    But – since I’m signing my book at the PBR Finals, I’m writing off all expenses, including the tickets to the event! Hey, research!

    Come get me you IRS nerds – dare ya!

    By the way, Christie – the house goes up for sale next week – we’re goin’ to TEXAS!

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