Two Wines I’m Not Whining About!

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WINNERS!  WINNERS!  The winners from last week’s blog with Robin Kaye are: Karen Roloff and Patti Shenberger!  Please email me at: christie (at) with your preference of print (with snail mail addy) or e-book (Amazon or B&N.)  Congrats!

Okay, most of you know that I’m a wine lover.  And I’m predominately a red wine lover. Now, I’m usually a Cab gal.  I love lots of fruit flavors, but with a hint of some pepper, chocolate, and I don’t mind a little oak tannin blended in to add to a long finish.  I belong to Wine Styles wine club, where as a club member I get two really good bottles a month.  Yum.

But I also shop around and find a good wine here and there on my own.  My daughter recently recommended one to me, and let me tell you, our tastes don’t always mesh.  I seem to like a fully bodied taste and she tends to go for a little sweeter.  But when I spotted the recommended bottle, being a good mom, I bought two: One for her, and one for me to try.  Hey . . . I do appreciate her thinking of me. 


Surprisingly, I found it pretty darn good.  And for the price, it was a bargain.  Apothic Red is a California wine and a blend of grapes, but it has great fruit flavors, and for the price tag of less than $12, I’d buy it again.

Now Renwood, Old Vine Zinfandel, 2010 Dry Creek Valley, is another one definitely worth mentioning.  I really enjoyed sipping from this bottle.  As a matter of fact, it went way too quickly. 


It’s an earthy wine with red berry fruits and underlying holiday spice on the nose.   It holds hints of pepper and black currant. On the palate, this wine has lots of red flavors. The prominent oak presence blends perfectly with the juicy fruit flavors, and for around $18, it’s one of those bottles I’d buy for the slightest celebration. 

And because I’m a wine drinker, I recently had some wine glasses designed with my Shadow Falls logo.  And today, if you share with me your favorite wine, one lucky commenter will win a set of four Shadow Falls wine glasses.  _MG_9653-2

And speaking of Shadow Falls, I recently got the title of my new spin-off series, as well as the titles for the first two books.  Shadow Falls: After Dark is the series title.  I really like it because it’s sort of spooky and well, sort of sexy, too.  The first book in the series is called, Reborn, and it will be out April of 2014.  The second book, Eternal, should be out in October 2014.

Recently, St. Martins released Saved at Sunrise, which is a novella from Della’s point of view.  If you’d like to sample the tone and essence of Della’s upcoming series, give Saved at Sunrise a try.  It’s on sale right now for a $1.59. 



Okay, so make sure you leave a comment and come back next week to see if you’ve won the set of four wine glasses.  Cheers!

28 thoughts on “Two Wines I’m Not Whining About!

  1. Hi, Christie –

    I’m a fan of Middle Sister–tastes good and I love their labels. 🙂 Also, having lived in the College Station area for many years, I’m a big fan of the Messina Hof wines.

    Best of luck with the Shadow Falls series!

  2. Oh Christie – Upstate NY has its share of good wines, but I have to admit I am a bit like your daughter… I like a sweet fruity wine. My favorite by far is Hazlitt brand – Brambleberry. Yummy fruity goodness.
    Now, as for one I might suggest for you perhaps Seven Sins. This wine is more dry than I prefer, but it is very good for a red. You might try itsometime. You’ll want to keep the bottle too – its very entertaining!
    My ffavorite thing in the world to do, is take a nice long HOT bubble bath with a good book and a glass of vino. That is what I call heaven. Can’t wait for your new book.

  3. My regular favorite is the Kabinett Reisling. I did enjoy a Chardonnay from Sanford winery which we discovered on vacation one year. We took the ‘Sideways’ winery tour and visited several of the vineyards featured in the movie. If you ever get a chance to kill a week in the Santa Barbara area, you should do that tour. I think you’d really enjoy it.


  4. I like local wines, too – Fall Creek Vinyards has some really tasty reds. And honestly, I like the Franzia box wines, too! Sunset Blush is a sweet treat after dinner!

  5. I like the Seven Zins another poster mentioned.
    My friends laugh because when I’m in the mood to try something new I go by the names. Also, a huge Cab fan.
    I’m prepared for the summer to gononnthe roof deck of our building. Since glass is not allowed on deck I bough the wine glass sippy cup. Forgot the website but Amazon has them also.
    If you haven’t tried Bandit wine for being in a carton it’s really good and inexpensive. Plus when you go somewhere and they check your bags like at outdoor affairs it looks like orange juice carton (as long as they don’t see the sides) and you’re able to sneak it in

    • Sneak it in, huh? LOL.

      I’m bad. When my hubby was in the hospital a while back and I stayed with him, I hid a bottle in my luggage and at night I’d pour me some in a plastic cup.


      • Yes, Christie sneak it in
        I love the size of the little cartons it so easy to travel with. Noticed other brands are getting the same idea. With summer here time to have plenty of cartons ready. Sitting here writing this I’m planning on going to movie today. Hmmmmmm wine sippy cup & carton of wine in my bag. Yes, that would be an awesome way to watch the movie

  6. Shadow Falls wine glasses, now that is awesome! I collect wine glasses and would looove to add these to the collection. So if I do not win is there a place we can purchase them? Do wine coolers count 😀 Seagram’s Fuzzy Navel Yum! I am not a big wine fan, but love wine glasses ha ha!

  7. I am a white wine gal.. I like a crisp dry white wine… We have a vineyard her in Canada called Jackson Triggs. I love their Sauvignon Blanc. And I am sure it would taste wonderful in your special wine glass.

  8. I am sorry to say I am not a wine drinker! It always gives me a headache. I had a neighbor pick me up a bottle of wine from a local winery to try again after several years of not drinking it and sure enough it gave me a headache and my dear neighbor got the bottle back. I just can’t drink wine for some reason.

  9. Alas, not a wine drinker. Have never cared for the taste. The only wine I really know of is the old Mogan David blackberry my parents used to get for New Year’s Eve when we were growing up. Mom used to mix maybe 1 part of wine to 20 parts of 7-up & let us kids think we were all grown up drinking it. What wonderful memories!

  10. I’m definitely more into sweet whites myself, but my husband enjoys reds. He particularly likes a type called barberra I believe. We were in Eldorado wine country last summer (near Sacramento, CA) wine tasting and first tried it. If I have to have red I’ll drink this, but I prefer sweet whites or sparkling.

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