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I’d also like to take a moment to give a HUGE thank you to all of my wonderful readers who helped me get Chosen at Nightfall to #3 on the New York Times Bestsellers List  and #25 on the USA Today List.  It was a phenomenal and exciting week for me!  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

Now, I’d love to re-introduce you to one of my friends who played along on my baby blog.  She is a fantastically talented author who dabbles in many genres and has oodles of books in romance and YA to her credit.  You’re gonna love her!  Please give a warm welcome to Mari Mancusi as she tells us about her book, Love at 11 . . . and don’t forget to leave a comment for a chance to win!  And, for everyone else, you’ll want to pick it up because it’s on sale for only 99 cents for the month of May!


If your book were an ice cream flavor, what flavor would it be?

 Rocky Road because life for my heroine can be kind of messy, a bit rocky at times, but in the end, oh-so-sweet.

How did you get your start in writing?

I feel like I got started writing before I could even pick up a pen, dictating stories for my mother to transcribe. My first book was a stunning saga called “My Horse Jennifer” about a horse who went to parties and such. When I was in high school I started writing serialized stories about my friends and the rock stars who loved them, passing out chapters every week in class. But it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I actually sat my butt in a chair and forced myself to write an entire book. After a couple attempts, I ended up selling my first novel to Dorchester—a chick lit/time travel tale called “A Connecticut Fashionista in King Arthur’s Court.” Since then I’ve published 17 books in romance and YA.

What is your biggest dream or goal now?

My dreams changed a lot when I gave birth to my daughter two years ago. Back then I might have said “Hit the NYT list” or go on a worldwide book tour. Now I just want to be a good mommy and have lots of adventures with my little girl. It sound corny maybe, but it’s true.

 What has been your biggest fan girl moment?

Meeting and interviewing David Duchovney for the TV show I used to work for. I was a big time X-Files fan girl back in the day and being able to chat with him one-on-one was truly amazing. I’ve interviewed a lot of celebrities over the years, but none got my heart pumping like him! Also—you’ll be happy to know he’s amazing and cool in real life. (And even hotter in person.)

If you had to sum up your book in one word, what would it be?

A lot of reviewers have been using the word “heartwarming” and I kind of like that. It’s easy to write a book that’s funny or irreverent or sexy and exciting—but I think in the end, my favorite books are full of heart.

What is your favorite scene in the book?

The scene where Maddy’s parents tell her they’re getting a divorce. At the time I wrote it, my own parents had just announced their separation and I was really broken up about it. I poured a lot of my real emotions and frustrations into that scene and I think it shows on the page. In fact, it’s so real and raw that when the book first came out my dad sent me a very angry email, not liking how “he” was portrayed. I feel bad about that actually. But at the same time I think it was therapeutic, in a way, and comes off as a really strong scene.  

Any words of wisdom for aspiring authors?

Enjoy the writing process, love your characters, and don’t be in too much of a hurry to publish. Once you get that first book out—there’s going to be never-ending deadlines and pressures and whispers from critics. Writing that first book should be a pure joy that you can look back upon and remember.

Love at 11_MariMancusiBook

That all sounds so wonderful!  Can you give us the blurb for Love at 11 and tell us how to find it?

When Maddy graduated from Columbia University, she was ready to change the world. She’d get a job at Newsline, meet a nice guy, and live happily ever after with a real designer handbag on her arm. Two years later, she’s stuck producing puff pieces for News 9 San Diego–where “if it bleeds, it leads.” She’s still single, her family’s falling apart, and so is her knock-off Kate Spade. 

Then Jamie Hayes walks through her newsroom door. The former filmmaker is now her cameraman and everything Maddy has ever dreamed of. Creative, smart, and sweet–with eyes that could make a girl melt. The perfect guy…but perfectly unavailable. And the more Maddy tries to stay away–the further she starts to fall.

Now a secret scoop from her favorite knock-off purse guy has Maddy chasing a lead that could make her career. Or destroy it forever. How far is she willing to go to broadcast the truth? And will this breaking news lead to more broken dreams…or an exclusive on Jamie’s heart? Stay tuned… It’s the story of a lifetime.


Great!  Thanks so much for being here, Mari!  Now, do any of you have a great fan girl moment to share?  Two lucky commenters will win a copy of Mari’s book, Love at 11 just for sharing!  Good luck! 



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