The Journey is Complete

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The winners from last week’s Ohhh, Baby, Baby blog are in! Drumroll, please . . . The grand prize winner of a Kindle or Nook loaded with the participating authors’ books is: Darci Paice-Bailey!  Congratulations!  Please email me at christie (at) and get me your contact information so I can get you your prize.

As for our other lucky runner-ups . . . Amy Sherman, Vanetta Quintana, Sarah Smith, Michele Hayes, Na, Debby Biter, Stacy Schooler, Margie Rodgers, VF Brooks, Abby Rudica, and Becky H.  Many congratulations to you all.  Please email me with your preference of print or e-book and you will receive a surprise gift from one of our wonderful authors.  Thanks to everyone for playing.

Now, I know that blog was difficult.  Would you like to know the correct answers?

1 (G) Yours truly, Christie Craig

2 (J) Shauna Allen

3 (I) Nina Bangs

4 (H) Mari Mancusi

5 (B) Susan Muller

6 (L) Diane Kelly

7 (C) Lori Wilde

8 (A) Gemma Halliday

9 (K) Robin Kaye

10 (E) C.C. Hunter, my alter ego

11 (D) Gerry Bartlett

12 (F) Amanda Stevens

Now, are you one of those readers who doesn’t pick up a series until it’s finished, so there’s no waiting for the next one to come out?  Well, you just hit pay dirt.  Today is the release of Chosen at Nightfall, the fifth and final book in Kylie Galen’s story.  I can hear some of you saying, “But that book was written by C.C. Hunter.”  Yup, some of my recently acquired fans still don’t know that I have this alter ego/multiple personality thing going on.  And then some of you are going to say, “But isn’t that a young adult book?”  Amazingly, my audience for the Shadow Falls series is about 70% adult.  Oh, and if you are an e-reader, you can pick up the first book, Born at Midnight, for $2.99.  And if you are a print reader, you can pick up: Shadow Falls: The Beginning, for $9.99, and that includes Born at Midnight and Awake at Dawn.  

Now this week, I gave away a Nook or a Kindle here at my Christie Craig blog, but now I’m doing it over at my C.C. Hunter blog:  So I’d love to send all my fans over there to see how they can win either a Kindle or a Nook, one of three Shadow Falls posters, one of three books by some other amazing authors, and a chance to name a character in my upcoming novel—which will be the first book of Della’s story—a spin off series of Shadow Falls.

Chosen at Nightfall

When Kylie Galen entered Shadow Falls Camp, she left her old life behind forever and discovered a world more magical than she ever imagined. A place where your two best friends can be a witch and a vampire…and where love doesn’t happen the way you’d expect.

When Kylie’s most powerful enemy returns to destroy her once and for all, there’s only one way to stop him—to step into her full powers and make a stunning transformation that will amaze everyone around her.  But her journey won’t be complete until she makes one final choice…which guy to love.  Should she choose the werewolf who broke her heart, but will give anything to win her back, or the half-fae, who ran from their attraction before they had a chance?  Everything she’s learned at Shadow Falls has been preparing her for this moment—when her fate will be revealed and her heart claimed forever.

Yes, Kylie’s last book is out.  Her journey is complete.  I traveled with her.  I’ve cried when she got her heart broken, I sighed with she got kissed.  I laughed when crazy things happened.  I felt Kylie’s pain when she learned that her parents weren’t perfect, I was relieved when she discovered they didn’t have to be perfect for her to love them.  I have written and experienced Kylie’s life with her, and so have many of you.  

And today, the wait is over.  Read Chosen at Nightfall where Kylie…

  1. …nearly kills Lucas, twice.
  2. …has another boy become interested in her.
  3. …acquires another stalker.
  4. …is accused of having an affair with an older man.
  5. …has an unwanted guest crawl over a bathroom stall when she’s trying  to pee.
  6. …gets kissed by two guys.
  7. …finally makes the choice of which boy she loves.
  8. …is forced to kill someone to save someone she loves
  9. …tells a human that she’s a supernatural.
  10. …gets caught buying a pregnancy test.

And to give you a better feel for what’s in store in Chosen at Nightfall, here is the extended version of the video:


Remember to pop over to and enter to win.  And thank you to all the fans who have helped me to achieve my dreams.      

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