I’m not talking about the dark.  Or spiders.  I’m talking about the Coronavirus.  I don’t consider myself a person who panics.  I haven’t ordered any masks.  I’m not staying at home yet.  But I have bought a few extra canned food items.  And sadly, I have had to cancel my trip to ApollyCon, because my hubby, a transplant patient, has such a low immune system. His doctors are advising that he avoid events with large crowds, and traveling, for a while.  Because I live with him, they recommend the same for me.

When I stop and think about the worst-case scenario, and yes, as a writer my mind goes there, it’s scary.  But as my mind creates this scenario, the writer in me starts plotting a book.  Sort of a dystopian world where groups of people barricade themselves off from the rest of world.  Who knows the idea may actually draw a book out of me.

However, because I’m generally a positive person, I haven’t let the fear consume me in my day to day life yet.  Does it worry me? Yes.  And I do watch the news and my heart hurts for the countries where it’s much more serious.  My mom lives in California and I worry that there may be a larger outbreak there.

A friend of mine reported that two people in the grocery store were wearing masks.  I know someone who has ordered masks and someone else who made a huge grocery store purchase just in case.  I’m not saying these people are overreacting. I’m just in wait and see mode—cautious, but not completely alarmed yet.  That said, I know everyone reacts differently to the news.  For some people, buying the masks and stocking up on food is a way to deal with the stress.  And I wouldn’t judge them for doing it.

How are you reacting to the news?  Are you nervous?  How are you coping?  I have started a new book, I think reading and slipping into a different world is a great way of coping with the added stress.

3 thoughts on “Fear!

  1. I’m getting a little stressed. I live in Saskatchewan, Canada , so it really isn’t bad here. We’ve had no reported cases yet. But I have minor heart and lung issues, so I have to be careful. I cope by talking about it. Once it’s out there and no longer running loose in my head , it loses its power. And I read a lot more than usual.

  2. I’m a person who prepares for the worst and hopes for the best. I put in my hurricane supply early minus the water. The locusts had swept through scooping up that along with hand sanitizers, alcohol and NyQuil. Not to worry. Manufacturing hasn’t stopped and there is no immediate need. We eat lunch out daily and have been trying to cut back, so we will call this an opportunity to eat at home more. So far we are continuing our routine activities and fun with friends. My husband has stents, so monitoring Mr Corona via news. Not fearful. Just watchful. This too shall pass. Looking forward to summer.

  3. We have rationing now in our shops (I live in Edinburgh, Scotland) and you are only allowed to buy three of any item. Last week I saw a woman buying three lettuces and seven bottles of wine and then getting into a right old argument with the cashier (and her supervisor) about why she should be allowed to buy all the wine! It makes me sad for her and angry too, that she thought she was so special. We are in lock-down and everyone is working from home and can only leave home for a valid reason (exercise or shopping for food etc). The shops I went into looked like locusts had been through them. It is frightening and bringing out the best and worst in people. I fear for those who are elderly, immune deficient and especially who need to access food banks.

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