What is Jenny?

Last week I posted a photo of my daughter’s dog, Jenny,  and asked you to guess what kind of dog she was.  We had her DNA tested and this is the result.

Jenny is:

25% Beagle

25% Boston Terrier

12.5% American Staffordshire Terrier (Which is pit bull)

37.5% Breed Group of Sporting and Hound dog


I was a little shocked, but I will tell you that I was really shocked when I got Lady’s DNA back.  Here’s a picture of lady.  (Post Lady picture)

Hubby met Lady at a junkyard when she came up and rolled over at his feet. The junkyard owner asked hubby if he wanted a dog and said something along the lines of, “If not, I’ve got to do something with her.”  He said she was a stray and it sounded like he might hurt her.  So hubby came home with a dog and an old Ranchero.

The vet said she would have died in a week.  She was a very sick girl.  We are talking over two thousand dollars in vet bills the first few months.  But she was worth every penny.

She’s very smart.  She is meek and sweet to friends we have over to the house.  But if a stranger, like a contractor comes in, she’s not so sweet. She can be very protective. If a stranger comes in and gets too close to me, she will get behind them and nip at their ankles or calves. She’s not too keen on other dogs.  She has lots of dog friends, but strange dogs, may get nipped at if they come and try to smell her backside.  I don’t blame her. If someone tried to smell mine…

So…what is she?  They also included pictures of other dogs with similar DNA for us to see—dogs that looked so much like Lady that we were stunned.



So what type of dog do you think Lady and these other similar dogs are?








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4 thoughts on “What is Jenny?

  1. Lady herself looks like some type of healer and border collie mix? Now I’m probably wrong… because I am certainly no dog expert. However I did always read my grandmas encyclopedia that listed all the dog breeds so let’s hope that maybe helped a little… if not I shall live in shame for all the time wasted pretending to memorize dog breeds </3 hahah

  2. If she’s smart, she probably has Border Collie in her! I would say by the picks of the dogs similar to her she is also part English Setter.

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