Halloween and Preorder News!

Halloween is just around the corner. I love Halloween, especially when my kids were little. They’d dress up in costumes and I’d take them trick or treating around our neighborhood. We don’t get a lot of kids trick or treating where we live now. I still buy too much candy—not a good idea to have left over candy! I still decorate, but not as much as I used to. Still, that doesn’t keep me from looking on Pinterest at cool ideas for Halloween decorations. Some people are so creative. I thought I’d share some ideas I found (and may try) with you. Some are cute and some are scary, so something for everyone.





















How do you feel about Halloween? Do you go all out and dress up? Maybe scare the neighborhood children with your decorations?

Don’t Forget!

Don’t Breathe a Word, the second book in my Texas Justice series is up for preorder.

Preorder now at:

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