School Memories

School lunches.

What goes through your mind first?

Just those two words conjure up all sorts of smells and memories for me. I especially remember walking into my high school cafeteria on tuna noodle casserole day. Actually, I could tell tuna casserole was on the menu long before I ever got to the cafeteria. It wafted down the hallways. And it’s not like the casserole ever tasted good. No, I dislike the smell to this day.

In fact, I used that memory in One Foot in the Grave, the first book in my Mortician’s Daughter series. Riley walks into the cafeteria of her new school and is hit by the tuna smell.

When I was in school there weren’t a lot of choices. There was usually a featured dish or a hamburger, but the hamburger tasted more like mystery meat.  Schools didn’t serve salads then. Pizza day wasn’t too bad, but back then I hadn’t had really great pizza. So I didn’t know any better.

About the only thing I really liked that was served were the chocolate oatmeal fudge cookies. I’d skip whatever food they had and just savor that cookie.

Today, a lot of the schools bring in food from fast food places. So there is more variety, but it’s probably much worse for you—and more expensive.

Thoughts of school-lunches also evoke memories of me feeling like the odd man out.  Sort of like Riley in my Mortician’s Daughter series, I wasn’t a big fan of lunch period.  I had a couple of friends in school, but we didn’t share the same lunch break every year. And those years, I’d end up sitting by myself.  It was kind of odd how one can be in a room of so many people and feel completely alone.

So, when you were in school, what did you like or hate about school lunches. What food did you like, or hate?  And if you’re still in school, what do you like or hate about school lunches.


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  1. I am a teacher and am lucky enough to have lunch duty…EVERY. DAY! That enough means you should take pity on me and send chocolate and wine. lol I teach at the elementary level so our kiddos don’t have choices other than eating a hot lunch or bringing their own cold lunch. Our cooks are wonderful though. Their pepperoni rolls are to die for!

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