Holiday Giveaway!!

I’m going to admit something.  More times than not, I don’t look forward to spending hours getting the house decorated for Christmas.  But after only a few minutes of opening up the storage boxes to pull out the decorations, I find myself in a warm cozy place where I’m swept away by all the memories from all the Christmases past.  It happens when I pull out the Santa pictures we take every year.

My favorite photo is this one where my grandmother, who passed away seven years ago, was with us.  She’s sitting on Santa’s lap. I remember we walked away from the Santa, she smiled at me and said.  “Well, that was a first.  I’ve never sat on Santa’s lap before.”

That happy feeling happens again when I start hanging Christmas ornaments.  Oh, the memories…  There are the ones the kids made when they were young.  Love those.  I laugh extra hard when I see demonic gingerbread men my son painted when he was six.  Or the falling apart ornament my daughter made in Brownies.



We have an ornament of E.T. that we got the first year hubby and I married.  We took my daughter to see the movie and to this day, she loves that ornament.  Every time I see it, I remember how excited my daughter was to get that ornament.

We have one ornament from my husband’s childhood that we don’t even hang on the tree, instead it sits on a special shelf.

I love the beautiful decorations that I buy every year, but it’s the old ones, the ones I’ve had for years that bring me the most holiday joy.  And after only a few minutes, I stop thinking of the decorating as a chore and it turns to a bunch of happy trips down memory lane.

When thinking about Christmas ornaments, did you know the modern day idea of a Christmas tree originated in 16th century Germany and the first ornaments were berries, nuts and apples?  Then, in the 1840’s, a published depiction of Queen Victoria celebrating Christmas with her family around a decorated evergreen tree resulted in Americans adopting the tradition. In short order, local businesses caught on to the ornament’s commercial potential, and by the 1890’s, 25 million dollars worth of ornaments were imported from Germany.



Tell me about your favorite ornament, the one that brings a smile to your face and I’ll give away a $10 Amazon gift card to one person who leaves a comment. (Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only,)


The winners from last week’s giveaway are Andrea Akers, Ruth S. and Andrea Blanks. Congratulations! You have all won one of my C.C. Hunter YA ebooks. Please contact me at to claim your books.

Happy Holidays from the Craig Clan to you.  May you have lots of family time, good food and laughter.


7 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway!!

  1. I don’t have any keepsake ornaments, at least none that I can remember. I wish that I had kept all of the old glass ornaments of the days long ago. Now that I’m a older gal all things old and vintage gives me happy thoughts and smiles.
    Merry Christmas to you Christie Craig and your family.
    Thank you for the fantastic books that you write.

  2. the cute homemade peppermint candy ornaments do not only look good, but they also are very tasty! When I was a child, I remember how exciting it was to eat the cookies from the Christmas tree.

  3. I have a few shark ornaments that I love! My sister always finds me the best ones. I also have a few that me and my hubby picked out together when we have been on vacations.

  4. I have quite a few, as I collect them when j go on vacation. My favorite is my jellyfish I found in a little art gallery on Maui.

  5. My favorite Christmas Ornament was an angel that my grandparents gave me before they sold their house. The story about it was when I lived with them as a small child I saw this in a store and picked it out and they then put this on their tree on the top as it is an angel it even has blinking lights. I treasure this item very much because it has so much history with my grandparents who are now gone, but I still miss and love very much..

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