Young Adult…? Not for you? Are you sure?

When I was asked to write young adult (YA) novels in 2010, I’ll admit it, I wasn’t a YA reader. I mean, that genre was for teenagers, right? But with a career opportunity on the table, I started doing some research.

First, I asked around to my reader friends to see who were reading young adult.  Amazingly, a lot more of them than I expected were reading YA.  Albeit, several admitted it under their breath because they felt they might be judged.  Second, I went to the store and bought like sixteen YA books.  About three books in, I quickly realized how much I’d been missing by not reading this genre.

Granted, not all of the sixteen books had me hooked, some of them did feel as if they were targeting a younger audience than myself and the stories/plots didn’t appeal to me.  But the good ones, oh, the good ones swept me away.

The stories were rich, fresh, and layered.  Most of them had romance—which I love—some were fantasy, mystery, suspense or paranormal.  I quickly realized that the young adult genre held the same kind of appeal to me as a reader that a lot of the women’s fiction novel did.

You see, I generally like the women’s fiction novels that contain a romance meshed into a plot that incorporates other life issues.  In fact, most of my romances novels pushed the envelope when it came to including other elements in a story besides the romance.

So, I dove right into writing Young Adult fiction.  Fast forward eight years and eighteen books/novellas later and I still love it.  Today, I think more adults are reading YA fiction.  I know some are still leery of telling the world.  You see, I often get emails that say…  “I’m not a teenager, but I still love your C.C. Hunter books.”

According to an article I stumbled across that was published in The Atlantic, 55% of YA books are read by adults (read the full article HERE).  So to all my grown up fans, you’re in good company.  The article also talked about why they feel YA books are a hit for adults.  They claimed that it wasn’t the “escape” feeling of reading a light read, because lots of the popular YA books deal with serious and tough subjects.  They surmised it wasn’t just because they took us back to our own youth, but because the books are about a character growing, learning, and in so many words, all of us, no matter what our age, are still growing as human beings.

In fact, the article went so far as to say that a good story is simply a good story—no matter what genre or age of the characters.  And that’s what I like to think I write.  Good stories.And I’d include my Christie Craig books in that as well as my C.C. Hunter books.

I’m not going to tell you that all my Christie Craig readers read C.C. Hunter, but I will tell you the majority do.  Especially since I’m now writing contemporary YA novels as well as paranormal.  So if you are still a reader who shies away from reading YA fiction, let me try to tempt you.

What type of reader are you?

  1. A mystery suspense reader and you don’t care what genre as long as it’s a page turner. You can pick up any of my YA novels.  All of them have suspense and mystery.
  2. A paranormal reader. You love you some vampires, werewolves and such?  But you want a romance, and characters that you can love.  I’d like to recommend the first book in the Shadow Falls series, Born at Midnight.  It’s a huge series.  It has romance, suspense, and mystery all wrapped up in a paranormal camp.  It also had huge elements of friendships and family.
  3. More of a contemporary reader, who shies away from vampires and such, but who likes a little spooky in your story? You might want to try The Mortician’s Daughter series.  It’s a three books series, and books one and two are already out.  (If you enjoyed my Christie Craig novel, Murder Mayhem and Mama, you might give this series a try.
  4. A contemporary reader who longs for heart tugging stories. It can have a little mystery or suspense but no dead bodies thank you very much.  For sure give This Heart of Mine a try.   Also, releasing March 26, is In Another Life, a heart tugging novel about family and friendship, but it has a nice tread of suspense running through it that gives the book the title of a thriller.


Today, I’d like to give away three of my YA titles. Tell me why you haven’t read YA fiction and what you normally read, or tell me why you are a YA reader and what pulled you into the world of YA. I’ll give away three e-copies of one of my C.C. Hunter books to three different people who leave a comment. (Sorry, but this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only,)


Last week’s winner of a memory card and TWO FEET UNDER deck of playing cards is Carol Brinks. Congratulations! Please email me at with your postal address.

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6 thoughts on “Young Adult…? Not for you? Are you sure?

  1. I haven’t read YA because I have felt the subject matter is for a younger audience. The few I have picked up, I just haven’t enjoyed. I typically read romantic suspense, contemporary romance, romantic comedy and some period or historical romance.

  2. I am an avid reader and I read many genres, including YA. Harry Potter was my first and is still one of my favorites! I loved the story, the magic, the characters….all of it. Then I found your Shadow Falls series and I was hooked! I like the ones that are stories you can look back and relate with the characters and their emotions. The Morticians daughter hooked me because of its paranormal aspect.

  3. I love reading young adult fiction. It is exciting!!! It can be dramatic . I have fun reading it. No matter what, I like to put myself inside the book. I read a lot of young adult fiction. Since it is the holidays, I’m going to catch up on my reading again. I also love reading thrillers and mysteries as well. Young adult fiction isn’t so bad that some people thinks it is. And I’m so glad that you write some of these young adult fiction books Christie Craig.

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