Do You Have a Little Ghost Whisperer in You?

I admit it.  I think I have a little clairvoyance in me.  I’ve had dreams of past loved ones that really felt real.  And I’ve felt them at times when I’m alone.  I’ve felt things in cemeteries and funeral homes, too.  I’ve even known things that I shouldn’t know.  It freaks me out sometimes.

I remember when my grandfather died and my grandmother asked me to deliver his eulogy.  I was honored, but it also scared the bejeebies out of me.  The thought of talking in front the family had me very nervous. What if I messed up or if what I said wasn’t good enough?  I loved my grandfather.

A few days before the funeral I was in bookstore and my eyes just went to a poster on the wall that read: The number three top-rated fear in life is death.  The number one is public speaking.  So if you’re giving someone’s eulogy you’re actually worse off than the person in the casket.

Right then I could swear I heard my grandfather laugh.  He had this unique laugh, a belly kind of laugh, the kind you expect from Santa Claus.  It was so clear and so real that I actually looked around for the man who had laughed.

No one was there.  It was just me with my memories or maybe me with the spirit of my grandfather.

Then there was a crazy dream about a neighbor who had passed away about five years earlier.  In the dream she knocked on my door and when I got there, she was walking down the street with a redheaded little boy who looked about three.

She’d had a grandson with red hair named Reagan, but he was seventeen by then. She glanced back at me and said she’d been waiting for the boy so she could leave.  It was a strange dream, so real, so otherworldly.  But dreams are crazy and I pushed it to the back of my mind.  Imagine my surprise when two days later my son told me he’d seen on Facebook that Reagan’s little brother had died.  It quickly went from being a strange dream to a scary one.

Riley in Two Feet Under is a ghost whisperer or as she sometimes calls herself a ghost fixer because they expect her to fix their problems.  And in this book the fix is a hard one.  The spirit she’s dealing with is prisoner.  And he didn’t go to jail for jaywalking either.  We’re talking murder.

And his fix isn’t easy.  She has to face and convince a gang leader that he needs to donate part of his liver to a niece he never knew he had.

It’s dangerous and you can imagine that Hayden, her comatose boyfriend isn’t happy about her putting herself in danger.  Can he protect her?  Will the few tricks up his sleeve as a spirit be enough to save her?

Do you think you have a little ghost whisperer in you?   Have you ever felt as if you weren’t alone, that a spirit was with you?  Have you ever felt as if a loved one who had passed had stop by for a visit?

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Do you think you have a little ghost whisperer in you?   Have you ever felt as if you weren’t alone, that a spirit was with you?  Have you ever felt a loved one who had passed stop by for visit?

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10 thoughts on “Do You Have a Little Ghost Whisperer in You?

  1. I think everyone has a little ghost whisperer in them. Your loved ones that have moved on are just letting you know you are not alone. They also stop by to check on everything to keep you on your toes if needed.

  2. My ghost whisperer is prevalent as she senses and feels things very strongly and knows when and what will happen. This has occurred many times and it is amazing to realize that this sensitivity exists.

  3. Yes. I have had events like you explained, happen to me as well. I have had a few that have been scary and still give me the creeps when I think about them but others just make me smile.

  4. Maybe a little bit. I remember a few times when I was younger being alone in the old church where we had Girl Scout meetings, or in the family house in West Virginia, or near a cemetery and felt Ike I was being watched. Sometimes I would swear I heard a voice, when no one was there. The day my Grandmother died—a year ago Saturday—I woke out of a sound sleep before any alarm went off or messages sounded, and I was just wide awake. My Mom and stepdad went to stay the night with her the night before because her home-care nurse had called to say she wasn’t doing so well that day, and my Mom, my sister, and I all felt that something was wrong. The clairvoyance gene—not so much the ghost whispering—rears it head sometimes in our family, and we know it’s from Mom’s side of the family. When my stepdad called me about two hours later to tell me that his Mom had passed, I wasn’t surprised, nor was I surprised when he told me it had happened, at latest, when I woke up, and at earliest an hour before that. Either way, I’m mostly convinced that something resonated, or she was reaching out.
    But I’ve known things—not specific, like you’ve told stories about before—before they happened before. Usually a bad feeling before something goes wrong. Sometimes hearing something that hasn’t happened yet, or thinking of someone out of the blue before they reach out to say something’s up. I’m pretty good at thinking of songs right before they come on the radio. And I always feel it raining a minute or two before most people do if I’m outside, which I now attribute to my Mom’s side of the family, where she has an Uncle who can divine water.

  5. I believe in ghosts but I haven’t ever seen, heard or felt the presents of one. I have never talked in my sleep but the past few years when I’m in a semi-concious state I hear myself talking but it’s not English. I can’t understand what I’m saying.. My husband says that I’m speaking in tongues but I feel like I’m speaking German. Don’t know any German so don’t understand why I think this is the language.
    I love Christie’s giveaways.

  6. One time about 18 years ago i was in a hard time in my life, getting a divorce, fight custody of my daughter, and trying to get on feet as a single parent i believe to see the spirit of my granfather walking down the hall of my trailer. Another time i had a dream my grandmother, who past away right my daughter was born, was alive and telling me everything was going to be ok.

  7. My two year old granddaughter died in my driveway. We moved and one night I felt a nudging on my shoulder twice before I looked. She was standing there in white and then disappeared.

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