According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States — that’s roughly 2,000 per day. And we’ve all heard the stories about the teen or child abducted and held prisoner for years until they escape one day. But most of these children that go missing are never found. Some are presumed dead and others, well they just don’t know. If you watch TV shows like Criminal Minds or CSI, you’d believe there are kidnappers randomly grabbing people off the streets, but actually only about 1 one hundredth of 1% of kidnappings are committed by strangers. Far more common are children who have run away, have gotten lost or injured, have been taken by a family member (usually in a custody dispute) or simply aren’t where they’re expected to be because of a miscommunication. The only scenario more unusual than stereotypical kidnapping is when families falsely report a child as missing to disguise murderous deeds.

51WVbFHb5yLAnd that brings me to my next book, Don’t Close Your Eyes, releasing Aug. 28th. When Annie Lakes moves back to her childhood home, she starts remembering things—and people, specifically her cousin Jenny, who disappeared years earlier. Annie knows she saw something she shouldn’t have, something that terrifies her. The only one who seems to take her seriously is Detective Mark Sutton. With his help, she’s on the hunt for answers, and she won’t stop until she finds out what happened to Jenny.

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For my readers wanting a read that’ll give them a grin and giggle try, All American Cowboy by debut author Dylann Crush. I’ll giveaway one ecopy to someone who leaves a comment.

AllThis city boy has it all figured out…Until he goes toe-to-toe with a fierce cowgirl who’s snagged the home field advantage.

Holiday, Texas is known far and wide as the most celebratory town in the South—and no shindig is complete without one of its founding members. It’s a real shame the last remaining Holiday is a city slicker, but what’s that old saying about putting lipstick on a pig…?

Beck has no intention of being charmed by some crazy Texas town, but the minute he lays eyes on his grandfather’s old honky tonk—and Charlie Walker, the beautiful cowgirl who runs it—he finds himself wishing things could be different. Life’s gentler in Holiday. Slower. More real than anything he’s ever known. And when he looks into Charlie’s eyes, Beck may finally discover what it’s like to truly belong.

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  1. I watch way too much on the ID channel. I’m watching it right now. Sad to think of all the evil we have in world.

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