Am I Dreaming?

dreamsJust the other night I had a dream.  A bad one.  Okay, let me just call it what it was, a nightmare. I woke up, heart racing, unable to breath.  I was at an airport and someone had stolen my purse, my phone and my ticket.  I wasn’t even sure which airport or how I’d gotten there.  Or where I was going. Now, I had my clothes on, because I have those dreams too where I’m naked and afraid, but even with my clothes on in this dream, I got so upset. I felt completely lost.  Unsure of myself. I admit, I didn’t like that dream.

But not all dreams are bad. Several times in my life, I’ve dreamed that I was flying.  Man was that a high.  It made me feel unstoppable. Yes, dreams can be powerful. They can make us feel elated, unhappy or as with the airport dream, terrified. Did you know some statistics state that the average human spends six years of their life dreaming? Except for a few people with psychological problems, they claim everyone dreams. You may not remember your dreams, but you still dream.

Some people look to their dreams for signs, for something that can help or even warn them in their waking life. I kind of believe that.  I think the airport dream is about me feeling lost because I’ve been writing something different.  I feel a little unsure as to where I’m going with this new project.  So my takeaway from the dream is that I need to stop questioning myself.  Remind myself that it’s okay to try something new, maybe relook at my plot to confirm I’m on the right path.

playing-violin-in-dreamIn doing some research on dreams, I found some interesting facts.  Men and women dream differently? Men are more likely to have violent and aggressive dreams and they dream more about other men, about 70% of the dream characters in a man’s dream are men. On the other hand, women dream about women and men equally. See, we females believe in equal opportunity.

In a survey, it was found that between 18-38% of people have experienced at least one precognitive (future sight-acquisition of future information) dream and 70% experienced déjà vu. In addition, 63-98% of people believe that it’s possible to have a precognitive dream.

I have a friend, who is a psychologist who says when you dream of someone, that person is really you.  To interpret the dream, ask yourself how you view this person.  If she a little shy and timid, the dream is trying to tell you something about that part of you that is shy and timid.

51WVbFHb5yLI love using dreams in books.  In Don’t Close Your Eyes, my heroine has been having a reoccurring dream since she was about twelve.  But now that dream seems like it might be more than just a nightmare.  Maybe it’s not just a dream, but a memory.  Could she really have witnessed someone burying her cousin?

Excerpt From Don’t Close Your Eyes

Thu-thump.  Thu-thump.

The sounds came to Annie Lakes first. The sound of her young heart thudding in her chest. The night sounds of insects, owls, and unknown creatures scuttling around the woods at night.

The sound of…fear.

Then a panic-laced young voice echoed in the dark distance. “Faster, Annie.”

She couldn’t run faster. She couldn’t breathe.

She couldn’t…wake up.

She felt trapped in the blackness. Then the dark curtain lifted and she saw it all. The thicket of trees, the thorny brushes encroaching the dirt trail. Her pink Cinderella tennis shoes slapping against the dirt.Her small feet racing, rushing, running to someone to save her. Running away from someone who wouldn’t.

“Keep up!” The same voice, a young voice, echoed again. All Annie could now see of this person was snippets of a pink nightgown appearing and disappearing between the trees ahead. Too far ahead.


She didn’t want to be alone.

She hugged the teddy bear, once white but now sticky and red stained.

“Don’t leave me!” Annie cried, unable to move faster. Her side pinched from running.Her leg muscles burned.

She wanted to scream.

Wanted to cry.

Wanted her daddy.

Thorns caught and snagged on the ruffle on her Smurf nightgown. The toe of her tennis shoe hit a stump.

She tripped. Went down. Hard. The bear hit the dirt before she did.

Small rocks ripped at the tender flesh on her palms. A jagged one sliced into her knee.The raw sting brought tears to her eyes. She could no longer hear the person in front of her, but the footfalls of the person chasing her grew closer. Louder.

She really wanted her daddy. Now.

Struggling to her feet, she let soft whimpers slip from her lips. She took one slow step, and someone grabbed her from behind. Grabbed her tight.

She screamed.

And screamed.

Annie’s own bloodcurdling cry echoing through her bedroom yanked her awake. No longer the frightened child, she was now a frightened woman, but she still wanted her daddy.

Swallowing air that felt solid, hand clutching her chest, she felt her heart slamming against her ribcage.

Realizing what this meant, she rolled over and buried her face in the pillow. The dream, the recurring nightmare was back. And she knew why.

Brittany Talbot.

She really needed to stop watching the news.

Don’t Close Your Eyes releases Aug. 28th, but you can pre-order it now at Amazon,  Barnes & Noble,  Katy Budget BooksBooks A Million and iBooks.


Have you ever had a dream that warned you of something or revealed anything to you?  I’m giving away a copy of Don’t Close Your Eyes to one person who tells me about one of their dreams. (Sorry, this giveaway is limited to U.S. residents only.)

7 thoughts on “Am I Dreaming?

  1. I have a lot of dreams. Flying, or just bounding along semi-floating, like walking on the moon. Which was tricky because I’m afraid of heights, and didn’t want to get too high. When we were dorm parents and our oldest was a baby, I dreamed once about packing up the old barge of a car I was driving, and carefully balancing the baby on top of the load in the back seat and “running away from home.” The weirdest though was a dream about a visit to a school—3 stories high around a big atrium, and no rails around the walkway looking over the atrium, from that fear of heights thing. And a dog started barking. I thought “surely that’s not MY dog.” And sucked it up and climbed to the 3rd floor where the barking was echoing through the whole atrium/school. Sure enough, it was Dolly the Princess Pitbull who was barking hysterically at a cow. A black & White cud-chewing dairy cow. On the third floor. I did wonder—in the dream—how the cow got up there. But it was a dream so I focused on grabbing Dolly and taking her home.

  2. Dreaming about living where I used to live during the severe, lengthy winters which went on forever. Parking on a hill where there was ice and being stuck in this predicament whichw as scary.

  3. The only time I’ve ever dreamed about pregnancy was when I was pregnant and about to miscarry (twice – dreamed of being told I’d lost my babies a couple days before each of my miscarriages). Then about eight months before I got pregnant with my daughter I dreamed I was carrying a baby girl with brown hair and blue eyes around our house. I knew her name and everything. The hubs and I had started the process to apply for adoption and he was skeptical. Low and behold I got those two pink lines, and when our daughter was three months old she looked just like the baby in my dream. We, of course, gave her the right name. I’ve since dreamed one more time about a baby but we’re still waiting for them to show up.

  4. I dreamt once that there was an explosion that I could see in the distance. It was far enough away that I wasn’t scared, but all of a sudden I felt hot on my face and I woke up. It freaked me out for a while.

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