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I hope you had a wonderful holiday. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for being such supportive fans.

414fOgxyWRL (1)I also wanted to remind you that my C.C. Hunter YA, The Mortician’s Daughter: One Foot in the Grave, was released 10/31/17. If you like teenage romance with some woo-woo and a mystery, I think you’ll love it. Riley reminds me a lot of Kylie from my Shadow Falls series, but she has her own set of life’s problems. If you’ve already read it, spread the love and order it for a friend or loved one for the holidays from Kobo, Indie Bound, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.





this heart of mineOn February 28, 2018 I have another young adult book coming out called This Heart of Mine. This book is personal and written from my heart. You see, my husband had a kidney transplant, so I’m very aware of the second chance we’ve been given. And I really wanted to tell Leah MacKenzie’s story.

Even though This Heart of Mine isn’t out yet, you can still pre-order it for someone for Christmas and they’ll receive it as soon as it’s released. Pre-order it at Amazon,Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million and Powell’s. 




Looking for a new author? Here are four books I’ve recently read and enjoyed.

For a hot read with sass try Beautiful Lawman by Sophie Jordan.

51RKTyeEOGL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_From the wrong side of the tracks and with most of her family in jail or dead, Piper Walsh is used to everyone in town thinking the worst about her. It doesn’t seem to matter that she’s worked hard to build a good life for herself. So she isn’t surprised that when she comes into contact with Sweet Hill’s wildly irresistible, arrogant sheriff, Hale Walters, they’re instant adversaries. Piper has nothing in common with the town golden-boy-turned-lawman—and she refuses to be a notch on his bedpost.

Despite rumors, Hale avoids fooling around with the women of Sweet Hill, many of whom are hoping to get him to the altar. But staying out of Piper’s path is proving near impossible. The infuriating troublemaker clearly has no respect for his badge. As she continues to push his buttons, it becomes clear to Hale that he must either arrest Piper—or claim her as his own.



Another favorite I read recently is All The Dead Girls by Rita Herron.  I stayed up to three in the morning to finish this book.







517r7aygL8L._SX327_BO1,204,203,200_Then there’s Deception Island, by Brynn Kelly.  The book was recommended to me by her editor and I’m so grateful she did.








And of course there’s Susan Muller’s A Season’s Pass series, which also had me curled in a chair reading into the wee hours.

















You can’t go wrong with any of these books by these talented authors.

Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!





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