Happy Holidays!

IMG_0186 (2)I’m an animal lover. Yup, I love all things furry—well, not those hairy spiders (or any spiders, really). But dogs, cats, horses, elephants (yes, I know—not furry), horses, just about any animal you could name. I’ve written blogs before about dogs vs. cats, and asked which one you prefer. Well, I have both and I love them all. So, have you noticed I almost always have an animal in my books? There was Socks the cat in my Shadow Falls series, Devil, the huge dog in The Junkyard Cowboy, Fabio, the ugly mixed terrier in Divorced, Desperate and Delicious.  How about Boots, the long gray-haired cat, in The Cop Who Stole Christmas?  Or Lucky, the mangled cat in Blame it on Texas.  And who could forget Bud, the flatulent English Bull dog in Only in Texas.  Adding pets gives the reader a bit more insight and compassion for my characters.

img066 (2)Animal Planet listed the top 5 reasons for owning a pet. Some reasons are obvious, like the stress relief that can lower blood pressure, their unconditional love can help with depression,  and they can get you up off you couch taking your dog for walks. But there were a few reasons that surprised me. Did you know that having a pet in the house can help reduce the risk of your child developing pet allergies? They can also help people and children become better socializers. And to quote my husband, “Animals make us better humans.”

IMG_1224So, take care of your pets this winter and bring them inside when it’s cold—and maybe fill their Christmas stocking with treats. And yes, to us at the Craig house, our pets are like family and they not only get stockings, but there are presents under the tree for Lady and Oh, Henry.

Do you buy your pets presents?

Happy Holidays!


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