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the junkyard cowboy high resThe Junkyard Cowboy


Have you gotten your copy of The Junkyard Cowboy, yet? Have you read it? Have you posted any reviews on your blog (if you have one), on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads?  What if every time you posted a review, you could earn an entry to a contest? That’s right, I’m holding a review contest for The Junkyard Cowboy. The more reviews you post, the more entries you get to win one of three prizes.





  1. A matching Vera Bradley tote, notebook and a mug.  Inside the bag will be Christie Craig and C.C. Hunter SWAG and a signed ARC of my C.C. Hunter book This Heart of Mine.
  1. A  C.C. Hunter tote filled with SWAG and a signed ARC of This Heart of Mine.
  1. A C.C. Hunter tote and signed copy of Shadow Falls: The Beginning, which contains the first two books in my Shadow Falls series: Born at Midnight and Awake at Dawn.

So, whenever you post a review, be sure to send a link to me at  Be sure to put “Review Contest” as the subject. This contest ends, September 15th.  Prizes will be sent out September 22nd. So get busy and post those reviews of The Junkyard Cowboy!

If you haven’t gotten your copy of The Junkyard Cowboy, you can order it now at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Goodreads Giveaway!!!

this heart of mineGoodreads is giving away 100 copies of my C.C. Hunter YA contemporary This Heart of Mine! This is my new book that doesn’t even come out until Feb. 27, 2018. But you could get your copy now by entering their giveaway. How cool is that? Be sure to enter HERE.

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