Dogs or Cats? Or Both?

Most people (if they like animals) will either prefer dogs or cats. Some like and have both. According to Thought Catalog, about six percent more US households own dogs than own cats. Not only that, but in surveys dog people often outnumber cat people five to one. Why do you think that is? What are the differences between dogs and cats?


355-happy-dogDogs are people pleasers. They want to make their masters happy and gain their approval. When you call them, they generally come to you. They enjoy playing with their masters as well as with other dogs. They require more care. You have to let them out or take them for walks.


terribly-cute-pic-cat-attitudeCats are more independent. They are as concerned with pleasing their masters. When you call them, they may or may not come to you. They also enjoy playing with their masters and with other cats. They are better suited to apartment living or living in a small house. If you have a little box, you don’t have to let them out.



I’m writing two books right now and they both have dogs in them. In my romantic suspense novel, there is a dog named Devil. He’s big, wiry in places and hairy in others.  He terribly ugly, but a sweetheart.  In my YA book there is dog named Lady—named after my own dog.  She’s a puppy, and her soft love is so healing to my characters.  I’ve used animals in my books–remember Socks, the cat? I enjoy animals in movies, too. I just read A Dog’s Purpose and loved it, and I cant wait to see the movie.

Personally, I’m an just animal person.  I love them all.   We have three cats who, because of my husband’s kidney transplant, have to live outside, but they have a dog trot and little house.  My husband accuses me of being more a dog person, and I can’t deny I might relate a little more to dogs, but seriously, I love any animal.  And the reason I use them in my books, is because I seriously believe animals make us better humans.   So tell me about your pet.  One person will win a Born to Read T-shirt. (Sorry, this giveaway is only for US residents. If you;re reading this on Goodreads, you must leave your comment on my website blog to be entered in my giveaway.)


17 thoughts on “Dogs or Cats? Or Both?

  1. I am an animal lover and have all the farm animals, barn cats, Aussies since 1972 and even llamas for guard animals!

  2. I have a dog and a cat. I love them both equally; however, it seems to me that the cat is less “needy” than our dog. But, who doesn’t love to be needed? They both melt my heart when I walk into the house at the end of a workday…our Caesar (Shih Tzu) wagging his tail because he just wants to be cuddled and our Ella Mae (rescue cat…Rag doll/Tortoiseshell) looking at me like “Well, it’s about time.” LOL. My husband is allergic to cats, but surprised me with her one Valentine’s Day while we were out eating and shopping at Pet Smart for our doggie’s VDay present. I don’t think Caesar expected a feline sister, but within a couple weeks they were lounging around on the furniture like they were from the same species and litter. It was amazing.

    • I love it when cats and dogs love each other. My dog tolerates our cats. She has a bad habit of killing things that aren’t supposed to be in our yard. Squirrels, Rabbits, moles, deer. So I tell my husband that deep down she loves them.


  3. Morning Christie,
    Growing up I had cats, dogs, rabbits, rooster, turkey and squirrel monkey all at once so guess I’d be considered an equal opportunity pet lover. LOL! While I’ve had both cats and dogs during my adult life, and love them equally, I have taken up with chihuahuas and since around the age of 12 or so have always had one roaming around my feet. My current one is “Mouse, the Diva of Doggies” who cannot stand to get her dainty little feet in the grass so when she goes outside in the summer, she stays mainly on the concrete driveway. She’s definitely a “needy” little thing. Her mommie has to walk with her into the kitchen when she wants a drink of water, or walk with her to the bathroom when she needs to use her potty pad. She’ll stand and bark at me to get my attention if she wants to go somewhere. Otherwise, she’s either in my lap, glued to my feet, or sleeping on her heating pad underneath my desk. A very needy little girl, but a much loved little doggie.

    • Wow. She is needy. I had a poodle a long time ago, that thought he had to be carried everywhere, too. I will tell you that the more needed the animal, the better the person is who gives themselves to them. You must be a good person.


  4. I love all animals and currently have 2 cats and a guinea pig living with me. I really enjoy the cats company and they keep me laughing on a regular basis. They are 12 and 10 years old, but they can still catch the crazy and run and play like kittens.

  5. I have had many pets over the years. Since I do not have children, my dachshund Sophie is my little girl. She is a cuddle buddy, and so very sweet! I like cats too, but I am more of a dog person.

  6. I currently have two dogs and three cats… I love all animals (often times more than people… Lol) It’s always nice to come home to my fur babies.

  7. I have two indoor kitties, a brother and sister. They are my kids and the main characters in two of my children’s books. I love all animals. My dad who lives next to me has two dogs and they are both characters. If I could have a shark, I would. Lol

  8. We have two cats Artemis and Salene. They have single handedly taken the mouse population down. Lol we also have a turtle his name is Leo he does nothing but l9ves to sun bath in the summer time.

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