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MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedI’ve gotten so many emails from fans telling me how much they enjoyed Midnight Hour, but I think there are a few of you that haven’t picked up your copy yet. So, let me take a minute of your time to share a few reviews:

“This book is a triple threat- the perfect ending to a series, an amazing release date with it being a week before Halloween, and an epic story for a beloved secondary character. That is right follow readers- Miranda gets her own book and CC Hunter does not disappoint.”     —–The Reading Cave

“I was so sad when the story ended, but came away satisfied. The plot resolved itself in a way only C.C. Hunter could do.  This book gets ten glittery stars because it was a great end to a wonderful series.”  —-Andrea Heltsley Books

Still not convinced? Well, maybe you’d like to know a little more about what Miranda discovers in Midnight Hour. There is family drama with her mom, a magic mishap of epic proportions and boyfriend troubles, and Miranda still learns:

  • Belief in yourself not only changes how you see yourself, but also how others see you.
  • Change can be both exhilarating and scare the crap out of you—all at the same time.
  • Some of us are born fighters and others need a little training.
  • Breaking up is hard to do!
  • There is a girlfriend code of ethics that shouldn’t be broken.
  • Parents makes mistakes, some of them are forgivable.  Others should have never become parents to start with.
  • Becoming who you need to be is sometimes more about accepting who you are.

Now are you read to read Midnight Hour? You can buy your copy at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.

In Midnight Hour, Miranda has to choose between two guys–Perry, the sexy shapeshifter who broke her heart and Shawn, the cute, thoughtful FRU warlock. Have you ever been in that kind of situation where you had to choose? How did it turn out?

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