Big News!

Okay, I promised you something special. Everyone asks me for more Kylie and Lucas. You’ve all been hungry for a little more of the couple who started it all. Well, I listened. So, I’ve written one final Shadow Falls novella about Kylie and Lucas. It’s called Fighting Back. But you can’t just buy this novella. No, this time it’s a bit different. You can actually get it for FREE!

MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedAll you have to do is preorder Midnight Hour and submit your e-receipt HERE, and on October 25th, you’ll receive a FREE copy of Fighting Back, the novella that will take you back to the first Shadow Falls romance that grabbed your heart. That’s right. All you have to do is buy a book that you were going to buy anyway, but just preorder it before it’s released. Midnight Hour is available now for preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.



For a special preview of Fighting Back click HERE.

In Fighting Back Kylie and Lucas face their biggest challenge yet.

Will their love survive?

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