Midnight Hour

MidnightHour_Final CVR_revisedWow, I can hardly believe we began this Shadow Falls adventure March 29, 2014 with the publication of Born at Midnight. It all started with Kylie’s story. Then there was Della’s. Now, it’s Miranda’s turn. Three best friends. Three incredible life journeys. I’m best friends with all of them. Perhaps you are too. I have seen them grow, change, mature as their story progressed. Now, it’s drawing to a close. I’ll miss them all, and I will hold them in my heart forever.





I came across a song that reminded me a lot of Kylie when I was still writing her series. I think of her every time I hear it. I posted it before, but I think it bears reposting. I also asked you to help me pick a song for Della and you did. I love what you chose. Now. I’m asking you to help me find Miranda’s song. She’s a loyal friend who has grown up a lot since we first met her at Shadow Falls Camp. And in Midnight Hour, she finds a strength she didn’t know she had to meet her foes head on. So, it should be a special song, one that fits both her soft and new found strong side. So, please help me out and post your suggestions below. I’ll give away a Midnight Hour bag of swag to someone who leave a comment/suggestion. What will Miranda’s song be? (This giveaway is limited to US residents. If you’re reading this on Goodreads, you must leave a comment on my website blog in order to enter my giveaway.)

Kylie’s song: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

Della’s song: Stronger by Kelly Clarkson

Miranda’s novel, Midnight Hour, is available now for pre-order at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo.

For a preview of Midnight Hour click HERE.


On Thursday, September 1st, I’m posting a special blog. I’ll be announcing my big news. Yup, the thing I’ve been hinting at for a while now. So, you really need to set a reminder on your phone to return here on Thursday. You won’t want to miss this announcement. I think it will make all you Shadow Falls fans very happy.

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  1. My daughter Erika is also a huge fan. She has been listening to her songs and came up with 2 she thought would be good matches for Miranda. They are by Kelly Clarkson 1 is Dark Side and the other one is called You Can’t Win.

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