Love is Murder

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Today I’m really excited for a couple of reasons.  First, I get you introduce you to a super talented friend of mine who writes thrillers.  And secondly . . . he’s a man!  We don’t get nearly enough testosterone around this place, do we ladies?  (I hope I didn’t just scare him off! LOL!)

Please give a warm Laugh, Love, Read welcome to Will Graham!

So, Will, can you tell us three things you have in common with your hero?

Every writer uses a little bit of him/herself in their work.  If I have to name three, I’ll say Nicholas White and I share the same tastes in Music (The Rat Pack, Big Band, and 1960’s), Movies (anything and everything… we’re both kind of shameless in that regard, although his DVD collection takes up an entire room, while I have to struggle with only 3/4 of the room), and we are both very cognizant of the extreme difference between The Law and Justice.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring writers out there?

‘Words of Wisdom’?  I’m flattered to be asked that one!  All I can really say is it’s your story, tell it your way.  It is extremely easy to get caught up in “Well, Agent A said if I did this….” and “Editor B said I need to do that….” and “Writing Guru C told me I need to….”.  Trying to listen to everyone can cause some serious Writer’s Block, not everyone is always right, and your book can turn into a ‘written to specification’ work instead of the story you passionately created.  Believe in your work, stick to your guns, and tell your story your way.

How about your favorite scene from any of your books?

My favorite scene in SPIDER’S DANCE is the dinner scene between Nicholas and Michaela O’Brien at a fictional restaurant called “The Monster Mash”.  The place is done up with props and costumes from old horror movies (Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi kind of movies) and it’s just a fun scene for me.  One of the most flattering emails I received from a reader was the question, “Is ‘The Monster Mash’ a real place in Houston?'”  I replied unfortunately no, it was a product of my imagination, but I grinned over that email for a while.

Okay, if the Ten Commandments were really a list of eleven, what do you think the eleventh commandment should be?

The Eleventh Commandment should be “Thou Shalt Not Anger The Writer”.  We have long memories, active keyboards, and *very* vivid imaginations….:)

LOL!  Great one and I totally agree!  🙂

Now here’s a little bit about Will’s books and how you can find them:

“A remarkably entertaining story, due mainly to the protagonist’s sense of humor. There are laugh-out-loud moments throughout, and these do not take away from the mystery or suspense.  The most striking thing about [the] prose is the humor behind it; if you like your mysteries and thrillers filled with wit, look no further.  As a page-turner, SPIDER’S DANCE succeeds by weaving a web of an irresistible story.  As entertainment, it is pure pleasure.  Unique characters, an original hero (we don’t get that too often), and an up to the minute topical plot carries SPIDER’S DANCE to the bank!” – Raymond Benson, author of THE BLACK STILETTO series, six 007 continuation novels, the ‘Spike Berrenger Rock ‘n Roll Detective’ series, and others.If a person is known by the company she keeps, then the company of the 30 romance and suspense writers in this stellar all-original anthology speaks volumes about bestseller [Sandra] Brown…. There are familiar characters such as Allison Brennan’s Lucy Kincaid (“Vacation Interrupted”) and new ones readers are sure to want to see more of, like William Simon’s Nicholas White (“Spider’s Tango”). Chockablock with nifty plot twists, these stories aren’t to be missed. (June) – PUBLISHER’S WEEKLY review of THRILLER LOVE IS MURDER, 4/9/2012

Nicholas White appears is SPIDER’S DANCE:
And in the short story ‘Spider’s Tango” in THRILLER 3: LOVE IS MURDER, edited by Sandra Brown:
Now, you tell us what you think the Eleventh Commandment should be, and I’ll be choosing one lucky commenter to win the Love is Murder Anthology that Will is a part of, edited by the fantastic Sandra Brown.  You don’t want to miss your chance at this one!  And thanks so much for being here, Will!


21 thoughts on “Love is Murder

  1. Good morning Will and Christie!
    I’ve read both Spider’s Dance and Spider’s Tango, and would like to answer Question #1 as a reader/fan. Hero, Nicholas White has the same dry sense of humor and unrelenting wit as the author. Trust me.

    Eleventh Commandment: Thou shall not eat those Christmas cookies you baked, plated and saran-wrapped for the neighbors. Don’t do it….HEY!

    • I have nothing to add to the already quite good comments here on the Double Whoopsie Squeeze, soon to be a classic con-job, I'm sure.But, My God, those two buildings are ugly – ridiculous, inhuman, and ugly. I'm surprised that James Kunstler hasn't featured them on his &qots;Eyeoure of the Month" page.

  2. Thank you, Sarah! Nice to see you…:)

    Christie, I cannot say for certain, but looks to me like you may have a bad keyboard. I go through them constantly because my keyboards keep messing up…:)

  3. Great job, Will. I’m not sure I can trump Will’s attempt at the eleventh commandment…”Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors coffee.” What can I say, I’m still on my first cup. Merry Christmas!

  4. Loved the interview and the questions. I can’t speak for other professions, but for writers the eleventh commandment is: Thou shall back up your work.

  5. Love the words of wisdom, Will! The 11th commandment I need right now is “Thou shalt stay off FB and Twitter until you get some real work done.” But I also agree strongly with Susan Muller on backing up your work! 🙂

  6. SPIDER’S TANGO is a standout read!

    My eleventh commandment is: Thou shalt turn the other cheek when that #$%@! driver steals your parking space at the mall. Just prepping for another shopping trip 🙂

    Happy Holidays

    • Jo, to je možné. Pokud by ale na základÄ› soudního rozsudku Evropský parlament uznal, že se jedná o poruÅ¡ování práv občanů EU, pak by se ÄŒR musela jakožto člen podřídit… A dle mého názoru (jak jsem už psala výše), ACTA poruÅ¡uje naÅ¡i svobodu ve velkém stylu.

    • Mă înscriu. Și azi, când mi-ai dat replica ta la ”aparenÈ›ele înÈ™eală”. Am avut senzaÈ›ia aia de ”uite, cineva care încearcă să vadă dincolo de carapace, dar o face discret È™i cu un zambet frumos.” Chiar dacă nu era prea bine luminat biroul acela, l-am văzut. Zâmbetul È™i vorba ta mi-au prins bine. MulÈ›umesc.

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  7. Hmmm, hard one. I think I have about twenty 11th Commandments running around in my head. But, I think this year the main one will be, stop waiting for other people to make it happen, stop following advice you don’t agree with, and take charge of your own life.

    Congratulations on Spider’s Dance!

    Happy Holidays!

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