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I love my office. It’s my writing sanctuary, and everyone knows when I’m in there writing, they better be bleeding or the house needs to be on fire before they disturb me. It’s where my ideas flow. I look around at my shelves and I see all my favorite little knickknacks. They serve as reminders and inspiration. So, I thought I’d give you a little peek into what I’m surrounded by as I write.

IMG_0390-aMy little dragon buddy was given to me as a white elephant gift. I usually put these gifts away to use for another white elephant gift, but I loved him so much he lives on a shelf on my study.  Right after I got him, I was writing one of my Shadow Falls books.  I was trying to figure out what I needed Perry, my funny, lovable shapeshifter to turn into.  I saw the dragon and BAM! Perry became a dragon.  Now, every time is see the this knickknack I think of that scene. What this item reveals about me?  That I love fun, playful things around that remind me not take things so serious.




IMG_0395-aI saw this mermaid on a clearance rack.  I couldn’t leave her there.  She needed a home and she now lives on my office desk.  I smile every time I see it.  And I think I love it so much because it reminds me to never stop believing in magic.







IMG_0398-aWhen I bought my new house I went and bought all new knickknacks.  I wanted things that reflected who I am, and some of my core values.  I write romance and I believe in the power of love.  Plus, it has an umbrella.  Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know, but I love anything that has an umbrella in it. Maybe I need to talk to someone about this fetish.






IMG_0404-aLet me be honest, I don’t even know what this is.  My son brought it home because it was funny, and he thought it would make a good gag gift, but I can’t part with it.  It lives on my office desk, and I can’t look at it without almost chuckling.  It’s another reminder that life should never be taken too serious.  We can find things to laugh at.  Laughter is good for the soul.






IMG_0412-aA friend of mine had one of these in her kitchen and I fell in love with it.  I told her how much I loved it, so she went out and bought me one for me when I moved into my new house.  Why do I love it?  Well, it’s multipurpose. It holds my knives and it speaks to my love of a good mystery murder plot.  And it scares the shit out of my husband.  Once, when hubby was already asleep, I picked it up and placed it on his bedside table.  Just a subtle reminder he needs to work at making me happy.  LOL.





IMG_0416-aA close and dear friend, Faye Moore, gave me this for Christmas because she knows I’m a little bit of wine fanatic (understatement!).  I love it because it speaks to me because I’m a wine lover, but also someone who loves a good laugh.








IMG_0418-aI have this because I’m a mother.  Most parents have things given to them by their kids that . . . well, may not be the most beautiful piece of art, but I love this because my daughter made it and it makes me laugh.  She sees it now and cringes and tells me, “You don’t have to keep that.”  I just grin and say, “Oh yes, I do.”  I’m considering putting in my will that she gets it when I pass.





IMG_0419-aThis has a very special meaning to me.  When I first started writing, I told someone my dream and knowing I was dyslexic, they laughed and said, “Sure you’ll sell a book.  When pigs fly.”  Well, my thirty-fifth book, Midnight Hour, will be out October 25.  I’ve hit the New York Times Best-Seller List, and my books are sold in at least 12 different countries.  This is a symbol that shows anything is possible and I can’t let any naysayers chip away at my dreams.  I actually have three different ceramic figures of this.  A close friend, Tracy Goodwin, also a writer, even gave me a coat pin with one on it.  This defines one of my longtime beliefs: with hard work, just about anything is possible.


Do you have a special knickkanck that means something to you? I’ll give away a t-shirt and a $10 Amazon gift card to someone who tells me about their special knickknack (posting a pic is even better!).

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23 thoughts on “Knickknacks & Giveaway!

  1. I have two. Not really knickknacks, but when I look at these things it helps me believe that everything has purpose. One sits near my computer, it’s a gold leaf picture frame holding three photos. On one side is a picture of my husband, John, when he’s little, mowing with a toy lawnmower. On the other side is me, riding my push-pedal car with a sunbonnet on. In the middle is the picture of us on Galveston’s beach, all grown up. We were an ocean and countries apart, but fate brought us together. Great reminder!
    The other thing that makes me smile is an antique cherub that’s about two feet tall. She hangs on my living room wall, forever playing her violin. I fell in love with her about 20 years ago. I didn’t buy her because she was so expensive. But, when I visited the antique store (which was going out of business) after returning to the United States, she was in the back room, destined for the *cheap bin*. I bought her for $20. I had thought of her so many times, wishing I’d bought her. And there she was, waiting for me to make one last visit twenty years later. I find that amazing. Small things…big timelines…destiny. I believe in destiny, so these are my favorite things 🙂

  2. I can’t upload a picture for some reason. Guess it’s because I’m on my phone.
    I have a picture. It’s about 2’×3 1/2′. Grew up with it in my house. I believe it may have been Home Interior , if it was around that far back. After doing some research, they have had smaller versions. It’s a picture of a guardian angel watching over 2 small children on a bridge. I’m sure you have seen several pictures like it. This one even has the gold frame. I have always loved this picture and was the one thing that I fought for after my mother’s death.
    Several years later, my sister in law found me the Home Interiors knick knack to match. So I actually do have a knick knack, but the picture means more. I have always been fascinated by guardian angels.

  3. Mu favorite chachke is a small, pewter figurine of A Fiddler, like the fiddler on the roof. This sits beside my computer and is very meaningful since it belonged to my mother and is what I treasure.

  4. A knicknack which is very special for me is a soapstone sculpture which my father created many years ago. I have this on my desk and gaze at it everyday. I cherish this unique and artistic art.

  5. A sea turtle which is perched on the windowsill in my kitchen is my favorite knickknack since it reminds me of the ocean and a beach visit several years ago. I pine for the beach and hope to return after health concerns have been resolved.

    • I love the beach too! In fact starting next week, I’m having a Beach Book Bonanza on my blog, and I’m giving away tons of books & stuff!

      • i lost a child then two weeks later had my other 2 taken by dhs cause of their step father abusing them i did evinytherg asked of me moved out went to counseling got a job got a home even a divorce was done but they still will not return my children they want to make me miss my kids birthday cause they say i need more counseling that is fine i will go counseling i just want my children home what can i do my caseworker is lying to me i am lost

  6. I love seeing your knick knacks. Thank you for sharing. I am a shark finatic 😉 and I collect anything shark. My sister always finds me the best stuff but my all time favorite is a great white shark dressed in a hula skirt, purse, lei, and sunglasses ornament. He hangs on my door year round. It helps inspire me when I’m working on my illustrations that it is okay to be silly. You can’t post a pic here on your blog but I found a link to show you what it looks like.

  7. When I was a young girl I fell in love with dishes. Yes, dishes. I have dark green depression ware that I collected with my babysitting money. I originally got paid 25 cents per hour. I was able to buy an antique bedroom suite with marble tops, an antique trunk, and many pieces of my depression glass. My mom loves to “add” to my collection, however she can never remember exactly what my depression dishes look like, so I now have an odd assortment, that I cherish because my mom gave them to me. What of these do I cherish the most? The dark green glasses with short clear stems. Why? Because they came in the laundry detergent my mom used. I display them proudly and my sons all want them when I die. I have asked them not to put me in my grave yet. Lol (I can’t upload a photo either)

    • Oh, my other nicknacks: a one egg cast iron skillet that hangs on my wall, a butter press, a slightly rusty 1950’s strainer, the old reddish-orange handled cooking utensils and a little ceramic sign that says, “coffee is my life”.

  8. My daughter made me a candle holder for Christmas, the outside of the jar is completely covered in salt. I couldn’t figure out how to upload a pic. I actually put it out at Christmas.

  9. I love tea and so did my mother and I have her beautiful set of tea cups and her egg cups which are displayed in a small cabinet in the kitchen. I will keep them forever as I know how much of a special and pretty collection this was for her and now for me.

  10. I have a Dragon collection! I have antiquegobles with Dragons going up the stem, Wizards washing their Dragons, Dragons reading, and many more. I have Ben collecting for yeas.

  11. I don’t have any pics because I am using my sister’s tablet. I have a porcelain doll that belonged to my grandma. She’s an Indian and sits on a drum. It’s a beautiful doll.

  12. No I don’t have an really special knick knacks what I have that is special is Pictures .Thanks for the chance to win

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