Beach Book Bonanza — Week Three!

BeachIt’s week three of my Beach Book Bonanza with more chances to win books and more chances to win the beach tote I’m giving away at the end of the month. So be sure to leave a comment to be entered for both. (Sorry, but these giveaways are limited to US residents. And, as always, if you’re reading this on Goodreads, you have to go to my blog and comment in order to be entered into my giveaways.)

Kate Douglas

6585230Kate Douglas started out writing radio copy and then became a newspaper reporter. Little did she know it would lead her into writing romance novels. But when she entered her first three chapters of a book she’d read into a writer’s contest and won, she was hooked. In Awakened, Barista Mandy Monroe will never forget the first time she saw the man of her dreams, vineyard owner Marc Reed, one of American’s hottest young entrepreneurs, Mandy knows her fantasy will never become a reality. That is, until Marc’s apartment burns and he moves in with her…




1) What do you look for in a great beach read?

But I know what I want to read! I want books that carry me away, that take me so deep into the story I don’t want to crawl out.

 2) What’s the last great beach book you read?

KateD1I’m reading Sylvia Day’s One With You, the fifth book in her Crossfire series…reading it for the third time already when my TBR stack is a mile high, so it’s the last book I read and the current one I’m reading, and I might just read it again. LOL…when I love a book, I always read it multiple times, mainly because I race through the first time and then want to read it for the details and the way it’s written. I love a good author’s voice, that style that makes a book intrinsically hers—or his.


3) If you could go to the beach with any hunky guy, who would you choose (and no, you can’t say your hubby)?

I’ve been rereading my four Spirit Wild books because I’m working on the fifth in the series, and want to keep the characters fresh in my mind while writing, and I have fallen in love all over again with Sebastian Xenakis, the hero in my first in the series, Dark Wolf. He’s amazing—besides being handsome and brave, he’s a troubled soul doing his best to be a good person in spite of everything working against him. I think I’d love to spend a day with him, finding out more about him. Of course, Gideon Cross from Crossfire is pretty darned appealing, too. Problem is, I’m old enough to be his grandmother…but who wants to fantasize about grandfathers, right? And you said I can’t go with my hubby. He’s the only old fart I’d really like to go with.

 Joy Preble

iwaltJoy Preble, a former high school teacher who now writes full time, was raised in Chicago, but now lives in Texas. Today, she speaks widely on writing and literature in schools, libraries and conferences. In her latest novel, It Wasn’t Always Like This, Emma O’Neill is frozen in time in 1916 after she and her family and her father’s partner’s family (the Ryans) sample an experimental polio vaccine and now they don’t age. But that’s fine with her since she’s in love with Charlie Ryan. But soon a group of religious fanatics take note. On the run, Emma and Charlie are separated. One hundred years later, Emma is a private investigator investigating a series of murders of girl who all look like her. As Emma’s danger grows, so does her hope of finding Charlie, the boy she loves.

1) What do you look for in a great beach read?

I’m not that fussy, but I’m looking — typically– for a page turner. This can be romance or mystery or thriller or fantasy or sci-fi,  it just needs to be fast-paced and engaging, and preferably available in paperback or on Kindle so I can keep a hand free for my tropical beverage.

IMG_2729 (1)Of course the story goes that Lin-Manuel Miranda read Ron Chernow’s bio of Hamilton– a thousand page, door-stopper thick tome– while on the beach and we all know how that turned out! So I say we shouldn’t knock historical biography as a very good beach read option!

 2) What’s the last great beach book you read?

Last summer I was finishing up the Outlander series, by Diana Gabaldon, or what I call “Joy’s 8,000 page obsessive commitment.” Jamie and Claire are definitely beach read material. On the other hand, I read Cammie McGovern’s Say What You Will last October while on the beach in Florida and it’s a slower-pace contemporary YA. So really, I guess it depends on my mood!

3) What’s the one thing, besides a book, that you never go to the beach without?

Fluffy favorite beach towel. And okay lots of sunblock because I’m a pale, pale person.

Beach Tote

IMG_0375-loriLeave a comment and you could win an ecopy of Kate or Joy’s books. You’ll also be entered into the drawing for this cool beach tote filled with signed books, an Amazon gift card, swag & beach essentials.






The winners from last week’s giveaway are L.M. Wilson, Heather Tarplee and Evelyn Hammer. Ladies, please email me at and let me know if you prefer the Nook version of Amazon version of your book.

30 thoughts on “Beach Book Bonanza — Week Three!

  1. Oh my! Those questions were tough and I couldn’t help but identify with the comment about being old enough to be someone’s grandma…. I LOVE Chris Helmsworth, but yes, there is that grandma factor. So, I guess I’ll just stick to the same old goat that I’ve had for the past 38 years. It’s hard to think about turning in a sure thing! 😉 Great prize! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I enjoy getting to know authors that are not in my TBR list. Thank you for bringing these fabulous authors to my attention.

  3. Both of these books sound fabulous and I’m excited to find some new authors! Beach reading is my fav, if only I lived close enough to do it more often. I’ll have to stick to reading under a tree in the backyard for now.

  4. Christie you are so much fun–love reading your books and seeing your posts! Thank YOU! Have not read Kate, but have enjoyed Joy’s writings for a long time!

  5. My wish list is getting longer lol I have just a few more weeks to get some reading and painting in before the chaos if the new school years begins.

  6. I have a confession to make…. I have never actually read on the beach! So I feel like I’m definitely missing out on something. Guess I better hurry!!

  7. If I got a chance to read on the beach. I would love to do right at sunrise or sunset as it is cooler and not as many people on the beach then so I would be peace and quite while I read

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