What You Don’t Know About Me–Some Surprising Facts

Okay…let’s get to know each other.  And yes, that usually means telling secrets, or just some surprising facts.  I’ll go first, then I expect you to join in.


  1. Years ago, I acted in one made for television movie. Kent State.  It was filmed in my old home state in Gadsden, Alabama.  I was an extra throughout the movie, but I had one, just one, speaking part.  “Go away pigs!”  It got cut.  The reason?  Because I was supposed to sound like a northerner.  I remember them saying.  “The word ‘pigs’ is only supposed to have one syllable.”
  2. I interviewed one movie star. And yes, he is someone you would know.  Tom 250px-MagnumtomselleckSelleck.  It was only  over the phone.  I thought he’d give me five minutes.  We were on the phone for almost forty-five.  Sad thing was, I was the one who had to end the call.  Yeah, I practically hung up on Tom Selleck.  I saw the time and my son was in kindergarten at the time, so I had to go pick him up.  Now I think… The kid could have waited.
  3. I speak Spanish. Yup, I lived in South America for almost two years.  And I speak it well enough that when I was there, I actually got in an argument with someone that refused to believe I was an American.  According to him, all Americans were tall.
  4. In my other life I was a photographer. I did photo journalism for about ten years. And the strange thing is that I’m not really good with recognizing people’s faces, but if I take a picture of someone, I can remember them forever.  I met a guy in a restaurant in the middle of the Chicago airport.  And I knew him, but wasn’t sure from where.  He started looking at me the same way, so I went up to him. He lived in Houston and I had written an article about him and his wife about ten years earlier.
  5. I believe in ghosts. No, I don’t sit around talking to them.  I’m too busy talking to my characters.  But, I’ve had too many eerie things happen to me that make it hard not to believe that spirits don’t exist.


374Now, it’s your turn.  Tell me some surprising facts about you.  I’ll give away a Born to Read T-shirt to one poster.



8 thoughts on “What You Don’t Know About Me–Some Surprising Facts

  1. I was going to be a diesel mechanic once upon a time, I even got a full scholarship, but then life happened (to young to appreciate what was given) a few years of production (not fun) off to be a medical transcriptionist for 10 years, I would love to write a book, now selling makeup and loving that! I just don’t know what I want to be when I grow up! Love all of your books by the way! 🙂

  2. I was once convinced that I’d be a teacher by day and a secret agent by night. I thought it would be fun and easy to do since Kim Possible could do it while dealing with high school. Of course, I later realized that I would make the worst secret agent because I’m not 100% sure how to stay quiet. But I love reading a lot, I’m big into writing, and I loved meeting Christie Craig and Colleen Gleason at Schuler Books this year.
    I believe that there are more than just animals and humans on this earth. I believe that if the mind can think it up, then it had to come from somewhere and part of it has to be true. I believe ghosts exist and are always watching over us otherwise strange things would never happen. I am also an animal lover to the extreme, I can’t be allowed to go see adoptable animals because I’ll want them too much.

  3. Well I went to college to become a Paralegal and after I received my degree decided that I really didn’t want the job because I really wasn’t in enough control of any given case and I am truly opinionated and figured I would tell my boss that I worked for that he was an idiot. So I decided to apply to a hardware store and I absolutely love my job.

    While living on Guam I met Seether….they are super nice and I love their accents.

    In my own personal opinion Authors are bigger celebrities than actor/actresses. I fully believe it takes someone truly special to write a book that thousands of people will enjoy from just their imagination.

  4. I do believe in ghosts, the loch ness monster, Mothman etc. I think our world is just too big to know everything about it and the mystery can be exciting. I can see auras and I am a children’s book author and illustrator under the name Rebecca Lyndsey.

  5. When I was growing up, we would hear music and other noises in our attic at night. We had to have a minister come exorcise our house. And we got rid of our Ouija board too. I stopped believing those were just innocent toys really quick!

    • Om I think you’re my new best friend !! That is my dream car!! My husband and I are going to start building mine next year!!!

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