Books, Books, Books

Quote4Books are so many things to so many people. They are an escape, an adventure, a friend, a teacher and so much more. Tell me, why do you love to read? What is your favorite book (and we’ll take all of my books off the table, so pick another author’s book)?

Here are what a few famous people had to say about books.

Quote1Quote5Quote0Quote3Do you have a favorite quote about books?






















3 thoughts on “Books, Books, Books

  1. Wow picking just one favorite book even if we take CC/Christie out of the equation is still asking the impossible. I will pick Treasure Island because as a child I think that is the first book that sucked me in and took me away. I remember reading in my room quietly until the end of the book and it blew me away in the end.

  2. Don’t think I could pick just one because my favorite book is usually the one I am currently reading or the last book I finished. In this case it would be Nobody But You by Jill Shalvis. Love all of her books about as much as Christie Craig’s. 😉

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