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image2brownsvilleYou guys know I love to visit schools.  What makes them extra special? It’s when the school has lots of students who have read my books.  And at Lopez High School in Brownsville, Texas, there were many students who had read my Shadow Falls books and were excited to talk with me about them.   Most of you have heard me say that Kylie, Lucas, Derek, Miranda, Perry, Burnett and Holiday are like my friends, but nothing is better than when I meet people who feel the same way.  So, I’ve got to say, I really had a blast meeting all the students and chatting about our mutual friends.



So, if you’re a teacher and would like me to visit your school, or if your child is a big fan of my CC Hunter Shadow Falls books and would like me to visit their school, have the school’s principal or librarian contact me at I would love to talk with your students.image4brownsville

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