Blast From the Past

I dug back into my blog archives and thought this one deserved another posting.


How do you ladies feel about mustaches?  No, I’m not talking about on us!  That is another subject for a whole new day.  I’m talking about on our men.

Do you like ‘em?  Love ‘em?  Detest ‘em? Do you find them . . . kissable?

Personally, I mean . . . they kind of tickle, and I guess a tickle could be good, or bad, depending on the individual’s feelings on certain types of tickles.

250px-MagnumtomselleckNow I’ll admit, I’ve seen some hot guys with mustaches.  I’m thinking Tom Selleck in his younger days.  Mustaches that could lead to a kiss-me-now mood and possibly end with very good tickle. Ahh, but I’ve seen other mustaches that look as if someone could hide a small child under all that hair. Mustaches that could lead to a keep-that-thing-away-from-me mood and end with no tickle at all.

Just out of curiosity, I did a quick Google search on mustaches and found that there was a lot I didn’t know about this hairy little subject.

For example, we have the standard Handlebar mustaches, not to be confused with Walrus mustaches, or the Fu Manchu Mustaches, (Now does that not sound like someone is hiding dinner under their hairy lip?) and then there’s the interesting one called, “Friendly Muttonchops.”  I’m really not kidding!



Oh, but I’m just getting started, because I nearly choked on my coffee when I read about the “Pornstache.”  Then there’s the “El Bigota.” Is it me, or do those two not sound as if they’re one in the same? I know you think I’m making this crap up, but nope and just to prove check out what Wikipedia has to say on the subject:

Now, you might be wondering what brought up this whole subject.  I’m very relieved to tell you that it is NOT because hubby is thinking about growing his own Pornstache.  (But you do know my hubby is going to kill me for this one, don’t you?)

E-Guide_Writing Romance NovelNope, hubby’s not thinking about a mustache. You see, Faye Hughes and I got the cover for our book, The Everything Guide To Writing a Romance Novel.  And much to our surprise, we discovered that Fabio was on the cover and he had grown a mustache.

Okay . . . we may be stretching it just a bit by calling our cover model, Fabio.  But, you gotta admit, the similarities are there. The long flowing hair.  The puffy shirt with the lack of buttons.

So . . . what are your thoughts on mustaches?  Kissable, not kissable?  Do you know anyone with a Pornstache?











One thought on “Blast From the Past

  1. My roommate and I were just talking about men and facial hair the other day…my opinion is that it depends on the guy. I don’t mind kissing a guy with facial hair whether it be a mustache, beard, goatee, etc. But to pull off the facial hair is another thing there are some guys that it just works on and some that it does not!

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