Weapons Trivia

I’ve had several trivia contests on my blog lately. All you die hard Christie Craig fans seem to love them, so I’m doing another one here. But there’s a twist. In this one you still have to email me at christie@christie-craig.com with the name of the book it came out of. However, this one is all about weapons my heroines have used in my books.

  1. In which book did the heroine use a cast iron skillet to take down the bad guy?
  2. In which book was a tampon the heroine’s weapon of choice?
  3. In which book was petrified dinosaur poop used knock the crap out of a hit man?
  4. In what book did the heroine use a singing fish to protect herself?
  5. In which book did the heroine use the back of the toilet to crack a bad guy’s skull?
  6. In which book did the heroine use a bust of herself to even the odds with the villain?
  7. In which book did the heroine take down the bad guy with a severed arm of an angel?
  8. In which book was a toilet plunger used as a lethal weapon?
  9. In which book did the heroine use a statue of Buddha to bring the bad guy down to his knees?

So, there you have it. Send your answers to me at chrisite@christie-craig.com. I’ll select someone with the most correct answers and send them a prize. So, get busy, re-read my books, or do whatever you have to do to answer these questions.

As you can see, I have used a variety of creative weapons in my books. Guns? Knives? Too passe for my heroines! But I wanted to ask you to put on your thinking caps and come up with some other creative weapons you think would be funny in one of my books. Write your suggestions in the comments below. Nothing is too outrageous. I mean, really, one of my heroines used petrified dinosaur poop!

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