Two Chances to Win!

ChristmasDecor0The Holidays are nearly upon us. In fact, Chanukah has already begun and it’s just over two weeks till Christmas. I can proudly say I have most of my shopping done.  This said, I’m late getting up those decorations.  I’m hoping for this weekend.  . I do plan to find some time between now and Christmas to enjoy myself, family and friends. Even start a fire in my chimenea and drink a cup of hot chocolate. I hope you have time to do the same.

Have you joined my Christie Craig Street/Review Team? If you already have, then you need to send me a link to at least one review you have written (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, iBooks, etc.) of Divorced, Desperate and Daring, plus one social media post about it.  If you aren’t a member of my team, well, what are you waiting for? MedTheCopWhoStoleChristmasYou need to be a member of my Street/Review Team in order to win, but don’t worry, joining is easy. Just pop over to to find out how to join. Then, hurry and get your links to your review and social media posts to me at Do it this week to be entered to win a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card.  I’m also giving away print copy of The Cop Who Stole Christmas!! I’ll announce the winner on my blog next Tuesday. So, get busy and get those reviews out there for a chance to enter. (Sorry, US residents only.)

Trivia Contest

That’s right, you have not one, but two chances to win something on my blog this week. I have another Christie Craig Trivia Contest for you. Send your answers to and title the email “Trivia Contest.”

  1. In which book did the heroine get a wax job that she dubbed “the black & white cookie?”
  2. In which book did the heroine refer to herself as a vanilla wafer?
  3. In which book was did a secondary hero use the bed bugs excuse to win back the woman he loved?
  4. In which book did the heroine’s mother only wear purple?
  5. In which book did Mrs. Cucumber appear?
  6. In which book did a hero highjack the heroine’s date with his best friend?
  7. In which book did the mother change husbands faster than she did purses?
  8. In which book did the hero’s old girlfriend show up naked in his bedroom and consider a threesome?
  9. In which book did the hero step into the hospital room and see his father and his girlfriend doing a humpty dumpty dance in a hospital bed?
  10. In which book did the heroine’s litter box say, “Good kitty, now cover it up?”

My trivia contest is open to any of my Christie Craig fans (US residence only), so get your answers in and you could win a $25 gift card for Amazon or Barnes & Noble.  (Street team members can also enter.)

Winners for both contests will be announced next Tuesday on my blog. So, don’t waste any time, enter both contests today. But be sure you join my Street/Review Team before you send links to reviews.


Last week’s winner of my Trivia Contest is L. Lam. Congratulations; you’ve won a $10 gift card from Amazon! Please email your mailing address to me at Also, the winners for my Street/Review Team contest from November are:

Katrina Hall-  $25 gift card

Brandi Poage—$10 Amazon gift card

Mary Lawson—Born to Read T-shirt

Therese Chaumont—Poopourri

Samantha Cudworth—a pizza cutter

Becky Humphreys—a pizza cutter

Anneliese Carinci—a jigsaw puzzle




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