Trivia Contest

Are you one of my biggest fans? Have you read all my books? More than once? Do yu think you know my books really well? Let’s see. I’ve come up with a trivia contest about my books. Actually, I have several trivia contest, and I’ll be post them over the next few weeks, but this one is all about the food. Which seem appropriate when we’re all still trying to work off our Thanksgiving dinners.

  1. In what book did the heroine feed the hero a banana and mayonnaise sandwich?
  2. In which book was mustard used to take the burn out of some guy’s boys?
  3. In which book was a moon pie really enjoyed?
  4. In which book did the hero munch down on a cat food sandwich?
  5. In which book was the heroine a vegetarian and the hero a meat lover?
  6. In which book did a hero get food poisoning from eating old leftovers from the heroine’s kitchen?
  7. In which book did the heroine deliver pizza?

Send your answers to Whoever gets the most answers correct will win a prize. (Contest limited to US residents only.)

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