Do You Have What It Takes?

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Divorced and Desperate Continues…

Also releasing on October 27th is the next book in my Divorced & Desperate series, Divorced, Desperate and Daring. I can’t wait for you to read Sheri and Danny’s story. They are so funny and sweet together. That’s not to say they don’t have their issues. Boy, do they ever have issues!! Sheri and Danny both regret their one night stand, but they also can’t help remembering how great it was. Will they be able to forget it long enough to keep Sheri from getting killed? Or will those emotions be the one thing that saves her?

 Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]Smart and sassy . . .

Sheri Thompson knew better. She could spot a horn dog from a mile away, especially when she’d been warned about him countless times by her best friend. Still, when Danny started smooth-talking Sheri at that same friend’s wedding, she couldn’t resist. It was the best one-night stand of her life. Heck, the best night of her life.  And then she woke up alone.

Divorced and determined to stay that way . . .

Detective Danny Henderson didn’t like fear, but he’d felt a lot of it that morning he’d woken up feeling all warm and cozy next to the one woman that might just make an honest man of him. Six months later, fear has punched him in the gut again, but worse this time. He’s investigating a murder plot . . . a planned hit. The target: Sheri Thompson. This time his fear won’t get the best of him. He’ll kick ass to keep her safe and make sure he gets a second chance at countless more nights with the woman of his dreams.

Divorced, Desperate and Dating is exclusively available at iBooks. So, pre-order your copy today so you’ll have it on your reader the second it’s released!

Don’t Forget!!!

bookbash1528329October 24th. I’ll be at Spook-Tacular at the Grand Palace, 314-A Pruitt Road, Spring, TX 77380, 11:00 AM-3:00 PM. I look forward to this every year because it’s always a blast. So if you live in the Houston, TX area, I hope you’ll attend. I’d love to meet you! Books will be sold onsite and you may bring up to two books from home to be signed. There will be lots of giveaways and I’ll be holding a drawing for five ARCs of Unspoken. Costumes are encouraged! For ticket information go to



374 (1)October 30th, I’ll be at Katy Budget Books, 2450 Fry Rd, Katy, TX 77084, 6:00-8:00 PM. Be one of the first twenty fans to purchase a copy of Unspoken at the book signing and you’ll get a free Born to Read t-shirt. Pre-orders will count towards the t-shirt giveaway, but you do have to be present at the event to receive one. Everyone who buys a copy of Unspoken at the signing will be entered into a drawing where I’ll be giving away five signed ARCs of Almost Midnight. For more information go to

Only the Bravest Need Apply!!

Do you have what it takes?  Could you be a Christie Craig Character?  Below are five out of a list of ten requirements for my characters in my Divorced & Desperate Series. Next week, I’ll post the remaining five.

1.)  Flaws, wonderful fabulous flaws

Yeah, I know some people think heroes and heroines need to be “gooder than grits.”  But I’m here to tell you that while my heroes/heroines must have some shining attributes, if they don’t have a couple of flaws, they aren’t going to get this job.  Let’s face it, perfect people with little issues to work on, are as boring as watching toenails grow.

I need someone who is a little too stubborn for her own good.  In Divorced, Desperate and Daring, when Sheri’s told the right thing to do, she decides to try something a little different. I need someone who loves hard, but might need to be schooled on the art forgiveness.  I need characters who speaks before they think, who puts their tootsies in their mouths so many times that they have foot prints on the roofs of their mouths.  I need characters who make mistakes, but then are willing to pay for them, because I never give my characters a break.

2.) Lots of emotional baggage

I need something to work with here.  And the Divorced & Desperate series was inspired around this very thing.  Did your ex get caught on camera playing pin the secretary to the elevator wall?  Did your ex decide to switch teams, and I don’t mean football?  Did your ex get caught trying to hire a hit man to go after your butt? If so, let’s sit down and have a heart to heart, because you just might be my kind of character.

3.) Be willing to compromise, improvise, and be flexible

You need to know going in that nothing is going to happen the way you plan it to.  It’s called a plot and it can’t be predictable.  And honey, if you find yourself in a bad situation, weaponless, don’t just stand there and be a victim, find something to use.  My heroines have protected themselves with singing fish, toilet tank lids, and petrified dinosaur poop.  In Divorced, Desperate and Daring, let’s just say Sheri’s choice of weapon brings new meaning to “touched by an angel.”

4.) Secrets—the dirtier the better

Did your mama swap husbands more often than she changed purses?  Is your mama a bit of a teetotaler, a hypochondriac—and in truth you’re a bit like her?   Was your daddy’s ugly mug on the most wanted list of FBI?  Hey, are you not who you say you are, but really an undercover FBI agent hiding out in the Witness Protective Program? Was your daddy, the good-hearted preacher, really a closet alcoholic?    Did your mama not want you or dress you funny?  If so, boy howdy do I have a position for you.  Readers love secrets, because who we are, the wounds we carry around in our souls are, most of the time, directly related to the things we don’t want to talk about.

5.) Family who either left you or drive you mad

I know most of us are raising our hands right now, saying that would be me!  Don’t we all have some crazy family?  Ahh, but I mean extra crazy.   Now, I don’t expect for you to be mean, because you gotta love these people, even those who have abandoned you, took bit of your heart.  But for those other relatives, the ones who often drive you batty . . . well, let’s face it, I write humor, and I’m gonna need someone that I can use for comedic relief.  Plus, if you are being upfront about being a flawed character, there’s a good probability that you came by it naturally.  The wormy apple never falls that far from the tree, if you understand what I’m saying.  Plainly put, if you don’t have someone in your family tree that you wish you could just lock in the attic, then you may not fulfill my needs for a character.  You see, I’m gonna need a mom like Sheri’s in Divorced, Desperate & Daring—one who when God passed out ditz, she heard tits, and accidently got in the line twice.  Oh, Sheri loves her, but that woman always manages to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and man can that make a scene funny.

Now, which ones of these requirements do you have?

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