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Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00075]Ever been through the big D?  And as that Country Western song so elegantly puts it, “I don’t mean Dallas.”   I’m talking about Divorce.

That painful, chew you up and spit you out point that happens after the person you thought would be there for you forever morphs into a spawn of Satan.  Most of us can say we’ve been there, done that, got the T-shirt, and burned it along with a few of his pictures.

Most of us have sworn, “Never again!”  Never to let another get anywhere near our hearts.

But harder than learning to trust the opposite sex is learning to trust ourselves again.  Yup, it hits most us.  Bam!  Hindsight.

Just like that, we remember seeing all the signs. And I’m talking flashing neon signs along the road in the relationship that we completely ignored.  Signs like “Detour” or “Road Closed”  or “Bumpy Roads Ahead”  or even worse,  “Dead End.”

Yep, warning signs that should have told us to walk, or rather to shove it into high gear and get the hell out of Dodge.  But nope, we were blindsided by sweet promises, and soft touches.  And that’s where trust comes in, or rather the lack of trust.  If we foolishly allowed love to make idiots out of us once, how do we know it won’t happen again?

It’s not easy to trust or to believe in love after your heart has been used as target practice.  I’ve learned that personally.  Yup, I’ve got a few ex-husband stories I could share.  And that’s what motivated my Divorced & Desperate series.

First there was Lacy and Chase, Sue and Jason, then Luke and Kathy.  But then came my three divorced cops who started their own club.  The No Ball and Chain Gang.  Turner found Reese in D,D & Dangerous.  Cary found Chloe in D,D & Dead.  Now Danny get his turn in D, D &Daring.

Divorced, Desperate & Daring will release in late October, but should be up for preorder soon.

D,DandDating (2)

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DD Deceived (2)








Divorced, Desperate & Dangerous

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5 thoughts on “Cover Reveal!

  1. I think a suggestion with each book should be, dog-ear a few of the pages, gal, cuz you never know 🙂 I’m dead serious, you can pick up a lot of tips from reading these type of stories 🙂 I read GRITS, just for the heckuva it, and wound up using some of the advice 🙂 (This was before I met you and had access to your books, many moons ago, sugar) Your Triple D books do the same thing as GRITS 🙂 Thanks for all the southern wit! 🙂 Keep sippin’ sweet tea and penning wisdom 🙂

  2. I love this series! The no-ball and chasing gang guys are a hoot! I can’t say that I actually have any experience with ex-husbands, but I did have a few doozies for ex-boyfriends. I lucked out with my husband. We just celebrated our 9th year of marriage this month.

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