Who am I? What am I?

008982Most of you have read my Shadow Falls and Shadow Falls: After Dark series. An underlining theme in those books are about discovering who you are and what you are. I think by writing them, I sort of got curious about myself.  Now, as odd as I am, I’ve always been pretty sure I’m all human. But what kind of human?  One day before Christmas last year, I was watching TV and a commercial came on about checking your DNA.  I told hubby, “I want to do that.  Maybe I’ll have a little vampire in me.”

Well, for Christmas one of my gifts was the DNA test.  It was pretty easy.  Spit in a test tube and mail it off.  I remember my grandmother telling me that one of my great-great grandmothers on my grandfather’s side claimed to be French.  “She was lying,” my grandmother told me.  “She was American Indian.” I was also told that I had a lot of Scottish blood.

I sent that test tube off in the mail and waited for an email to answer my questions.  And I discovered that I’m 40ish % English or Scottish, I’m 16% Irish, 20ish % Scandinavian and . . . 6 %  . . . not American Indian, but . . .  French.  My grandma was wrong.  Then, I have a trace of Western Asian.  (Say what?)

My daughter, who is totally into the family history, did some checking on Ancestery.com.  And you know that French ancestor? Well, her name was Mary Lafoon Keith (Keith, which is my mother’s maiden name), and she is considered a Revolutionary War Heroine.  She was known to ride and warn the American’s that the enemy approached.

Could that be where I get my spunk?

Okay, so I’m not a vampire like Della, or like Kylie who is a Chameleon, or Miranda who is a witch, but it’s interesting to look back into our roots, or DNA, and see where we came from and question from where or who we might have gotten some of our odd behaviors.

Do you know where you came from?  What are your roots?

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13 thoughts on “Who am I? What am I?

  1. I’ve been wanting to do that. I’m the only one in my family whose attempted to track family history. There are certain things that appeal to me or feel familiar but I’ve never encountered before and wonder if it’s something deep in the DNA that recognizes it. Hmm. May have to do that test after all 😉 Great post, Christie!

  2. I know some of the roots where I come from, but not the exact percentages. I have Hispanic, Colombian, and Nicaraguan. I think it’s so cool that you took a DNA test. I think I’ll be doing that in the near future! So, thanks, C.C, for inspiring me! Lots of love❤️

  3. So interesting… I have been told all my life in Dutch with a small possibility of German. I wonder how wrong my grandma is.

  4. I know my roots and this was a most interesting post. I enjoy learning about our individual backgrounds as it is what shapes us and it is important for our descendants to know.

  5. Reading this was déjà vu of our lunch conversation. 🙂 Thanks to my sister’s efforts, for the most part, I know quite a bit about my ancestry. I’ve got some real doozies hanging on the branches of the family tree, too. My great grandfather was sent to prison for killing a man who had broken into his house. Not able to care for all her children by herself, great grandma sent all the younger kids to an orphanage. One ran away and joined the circus. My grandmother married at a young age, had two kids, then abandoned them to run off with my grandfather, a compatriot of Pancho Villa, the Mexican revolutionary who caused so much trouble for the soldiers guarding the US border. 🙂 small wonder I’m
    such a cracked egg!

    • Guys, Amazing and tireless work all day from you both. The sneak peek pictures really do speak a thousand words – they look unreal. We cant wait for the rest! It was a pleasure to have you with us during the day. We will be rencnmemdiog you to any of our friends who decide to take the plunge. Once again thank you so much! C & V

  6. From what I was told mostly Irish, Indian and Dutch but who knows for sure. I would love to do that DNA test to find out for sure. Someone in the family was doing the history but I think they past away before it was finished. Not sure where the info is now.

    • So the ballroom is loud and the West Wing’s thunder is loud… which would be better for a kid that do&2en#8s17;t like loud noise? Is the West Wing overall quieter (except for thunder)?

  7. I did one of those DNA tests too with my family a year or so ago and I found I had 40% German 20% Irish 20% Scandinavian 10% Native American I can’t remember the others but it was interesting to find out that much Native American blood we had but I’ve heard that’s true with a lot of people. Can’t wait for unspoken! Just got done reading both series again for the 3rd time! Thank you for your stories they really bring a lot of happiness!

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